Dogal Capriccio Soloist Violin String Set 4/4 Size

Capriccio (Dogal)

Dogal Capriccio Soloist Violin String Set 4/4 Size

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The Soloist’s String

Dogal’s newest strings are made in Venice by Dogal’s most skilled artisans. Capriccio strings employ a new concept "Synthetic Gut" nylon core, offering the professional violinist a string which is absolutely impervious to humidity or other difficult climatic conditions. Capriccio Soloist strings enable the virtuoso to easily attain a warm, intense and powerful sound from piano to mezzo-forte, and a soaring, brilliant sound from forte to fortissimo. The E-string has a removable ball.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: Set
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

E String: Chromesteel, Removeable Ball End
A String:
Aluminum wound over a nylon core
D String: Silver wound over a nylon core
G String: Silver wound over a nylon core

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Not worth the money I spent

I was so excited to try these new strings! I ordered a solo set and an orchestral set. I haven't tried the orchestral set yet but the solo set simply did not work on my violin. Initially I was optimistic about how quickly they seemed to break in, but after
playing on them for a couple of days, I just wasn't happy with how they responded. They seemed dead, not responsive or resonant at all. And after seemingly holding pitch so well that first day, they seemed to go out of tune as the days went by. It was almost
like they were false. Finally in frustration, I took them off after 13 days of second guessing whether the unpleasant experience was my playing, my violin, the bow, or the strings. I am not holding my breath regarding the orchestral set I still have yet to

Sweet sound and a great dynamic range

I decided to give these a whirl, and I think I've found my new go-to set for this particular violin. After a short play-in period, they're showing great tuning stability and produce a sweet, mellow tone. While they do project well, I am much more impressed
by the clarity I seem to be getting on the softer end of the dynamic range.

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