BOSS Dr. Beat DB 30 Metronome


BOSS Dr. Beat DB 30 Metronome

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This pocket-sized metronome offers nine rhythm types and 24 beat variations, and features a smooth-flowing LCD needle with two bright LEDs for visual tempo assistance. Handles time signatures up to 17 beats per measure. Other helpful functions include Tap Tempo for finding the right pulse fast, internal reference tones (12 semitones), Auto Power Off for optimizing battery life, and headphone output with volume control.

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This is a great choice if you wish to buy a metronome, sound is loud enough and it's quite durable (I've dropped it quite a few times and still works just fine) I highly recommend it!


Excellent Metronome. My son is very happy with it.

Too soft, and no timbre options

This metronome is relatively soft -- 40 dB if measured directly next to the device, and 26 dB measured from the distance of one's ear to the music stand. By comparison, a full size violin measured under one's ear averages 65 to 75 dB. The metronome pitch is a high E, so the metronome is audible when playing in lower ranges. However, it is thoroughly covered up when playing, for example, Mendelssohn 3rd movement. There are no woodblock or other sound options. Also without the option to connect to a bluetooth speaker, the metronome is too soft for most students, as well as for a group of any size. If you're a teacher, your best bet is to upgrade to the actual serious Dr. Beat, or to use a metronome app with a bluetooth speaker such as the Megaboom. The only issue I've found with the latter solution is a visual delay between screen and speaker; this would be a potential advantage of going with the Dr. Beat.

Andrea Tatum
Does Everything

It does everything that I want it to do.

S------ F---
Small, Excellent

Not loud enough for chamber music, but for solo work and traveling, this is the one you want. Accept no substitutions. It is light and pocket sized. I like the tink. It tinks slow )40( and fast-ish )208... what gives!?! Maybe I sound a little crazy, but sometimes, when Hindemith tells you, Rasendes Zeitma. Wild. Tonschnheit ist Nebensache. )Die Ziffern geben an, wieviel Viertel sich zwischen zwei Taktstrichen befinden(, well, you just wanna crank it a little faster(.
The digital arm feature )in conjunction with two blinking red LEDs( is pretty nifty, but hypnotizing yourself isn't good practice technique even if you're just playing scales.
It's also got tones and that cool tapping feature. Check up on your conductors' tempi without them ever noticing.
External speakers solve the chamber music loudness issue, but let me emphasize this instrument's portability. It's little, fits in all kinds of pockets.

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