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Leatherwood Cello Rosin Supple Recipe

Leatherwood Cello Rosin Supple Recipe | LBR2C

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About This Item

Developed by Australian violinist and pedagogue, Andrew Baker with a simple goal in mind: Create rosin that allows players to be their best. The process was anything but simple, and involved study, exploration, discovery, and endless testing.

Leatherwood Rosin is formulated differently for each instrument, violin, viola, and cello, according to the physical characteristics of each. In addition, there are two recipes available for each: Crisp and Supple, which describe sound and feel of the rosin:
- Crisp: Emphasizes a sforzando attack, clear articulation, defined sautille bowing, and a precise and resonant sound
- Supple: Rounder attack, seamless bow changes, and a lush, warm sound

Note: The color, grain, and specie of wood may vary slightly from the image shown.

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Asked On: 04/25/2017

Why is" LEATHERWOOD bespoke rosin" so much more expensive than other rosins? I've been using Liebenzelier gold on my (cello) bow,...and it's nearing it's life expectancy. I check out the "new kid on the block". Thanks

SHAR Answer:

Hi Katherine, thanks for your question! The cost of Leatherwood rosin is largely due to the materials used to manufacture the product. The materials include specialty Australian timber, hand-distilled pine resin, and a range of specifically sourced international resins. According to Leatherwood, you will get 2-5 years use (high frequency playing) and 5-10 years for non regular players. This helps to offset the cost when compared to cheaper rosins with shorter life spans. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-248-7427.

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