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Vintage German Violin Chinrest by Götz - Guarneri Style - Ebony - Götz (Hill) Clamps

Vintage German Violin Chinrest by G&#246tz - Guarneri Style - Ebony - G&#246tz (Hill) Clamps | 1127GHE
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Item# 1127GHE

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About This Item

C.A. Goetz Company in Germany has a long history of manufacturing the highest quality of stringed instrument fittings from top choice hardwoods. SHAR purchased a collection of these chinrests at auction, and is now offering them for the first time. These Guarneri Violin chinrests are large and beautifully carved of the finest ebony, with a shape that is ideal for most violinists, and is indeed one of the most common and popular styles. Tall height plate with a low edge offers comfort while allowing support of the violin. These rests include the original stickers, Made in Germany stamps on the cork, and fine Hill-style clamps marked "GOTZ". For the same rest but with the signature "Gotz" stamp on the back, see item 1127DGE. These chinrests are in new condition, despite their age. These are in limited quantity, order now!

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Asked On: 05/03/2018

I recently purchased Item 1127CHE (Guarneri Continental Chinrest Ebony Hill Clamps). Although I like most all features of this chinrest, I feel as though I need a larger plate. How does the 1127GHE compare to the above? Is the plate on Vintage Gotz chinrest actually larger? And, in what other ways is it different or similar from/to the 1127CHE. Obviously I am in search of the perfect chinrest!

SHAR Answer:

Hello, Suzanne. The 1127GHE chinrest (by Goetz) does in fact have a larger plate than the 1127CHE you purchased. The plate on the 1127GHE is also flatter where it goes over the tailpiece and along the edge of the plate, whereas the 1127CHE rises higher and is rounded with a hump above the tailpiece, then slopes down to a valley where the jaw crosses the edge of the plate. The 1127DHE is very similar to the 1127GHE in shape, but is made in India. The 1127GHE offers top-choice cork, very fine hardware, slightly more streamlined carving, and very consistent, tightly grained ebony.

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