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Yumba Tango Ultra Sticky Bass Rosin

Item # : YUMUSB


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This ultra-soft Yumba Tango Ultra Sticky bass rosin has a powerful hold. Perfect for solo work, as well as for ensemble and orchestral players. Natural artisanal materials. Made from pine resin tapped in the forests of Argentina; one of the most unique natural rosins in the world. Pure plant-based ingredients keep your bow hairs stronger and cleaner. And an innovative silicone container keeps the humidity level of the rosin consistent – no cracking or drying.

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Paul Y.
11/1/2022 5:22 pm

i’m just a little confused…

this rosin is super sticky! love that about it. one issue is— you know those paper cups you can put condiments in at a restaurant? it’s literally in one of those and considering that it says to store it in the fridge, i’m not sure how i’ll put it on my bow without spilling it once the bit on the rim has been used up.