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Yumba Tango Rosin Cello

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Yumba rosin is formulated with natural ingredients and combines beeswax with high-quality rosin from both India and Argentina. All-weather. Dark appearance. Recommended for Orchestral Solos. All Yumba rosins protect your bow hairs, improve sound quality, and are free of debris and dust. We use natural ingredients, we do not use petroleum derivatives or plastics, and the packaging is reusable.


Yumba Tango Rosin Cello

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8/19/2022 3:58 pm

Absolutely Excellent!!

I have been using this rosin for about two years, and I have been very pleased with it. I have tried many different rosins throughout my time as a cellist, and so far this is my favorite one. You get a very full tone, and a really nice strong grip on the string when playing. I use this rosin for both orchestral and solo playing and it has served me very well. It is worth every penny of the 30 dollar price tag. I highly recommend.