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Xeros Shoulder Cushion

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World's Most Versatile Shoulder Support... And Without Rubber Bands!

From the maker of the finest cello and bass support products, the new Xeros is the most innovative and comfortable shoulder rest on the market. Made from finest quality neoprene cellular rubber foam with a soft finish and firm support that will last over time. It attaches safely and directly by means of a special gentle suction strip, and it's just as easy to detach - but won't come off while playing! And best of all, no rubber bands are needed to hold it in place (But, we included two just in case you want to use the older method of attachment).

Place the Xeros Shoulder Cushion in any position - you are not restricted by feet or rubber bands that can only hold in one place. Find the position that works for you!

Available in eight sizes, including standard and tall heights. All sizes will fit all sizes of violin or viola down to 1/8 size. (Extra small is recommended for 1/10 size and smaller violins). Depending on how much support you want, pick the size that works best for you. Many professional players prefer the small or extra small sizes.

Made in the USA

Attention: Fresh, soft, or brittle varnish can be removed by contact with any gripping surface. If you use an antique instrument, recently had your instrument refinished, or are concerned that your instrument's varnish is soft, you should use this accessory with caution. To avoid possible varnish removal, choose a clip-on shoulder rest, or one that attaches with elastic or rubber bands only.


Xeros Shoulder Cushion

Ratings & Reviews

11/15/2022 1:30 pm

very comfortable shoulder cushion

The xeros cushion is very comfortable. I happened to come across this when I was looking for shoulder cushions without rubber bands. So far, it stays on my instrument and doesn't fall off.

11/7/2022 6:08 pm

very comfortable cushion

I got the medium tall size, very comfortable cushion, my teacher also liked it

10/30/2022 5:46 pm

great shoulder cushion

I always had problems with shoulder rests, due to their inflexibility. With this shoulder cushion, I could move freely while playing without discomfort. I got both the medium tall and the large tall.

10/16/2022 7:42 pm

Good product

Comfortable shoulder cushion, stays on violin and doesn't fall off. Easy to clean as well.

1/7/2022 6:29:00 am

Recommended by Teacher

I'm still in the first year of lessons and as an older adult student, I have plenty of issues due to my lack of flexibility. My teacher uses this shoulder rest and recommended it to give me a more dynamic approach to supporting my violin. It certainly does that and I had no issues with it sticking to my instrument. I'm getting the next taller size and not giving this the fifth star as choosing the right size is hit or miss.

11/26/2019 4:37:00 pm

If it doesn't fit, cut it to fit

This type of rest is very helpful to hard-to-fit players who like to tinker. I have tried several conventional rests, being disappointed each time. So I bought this extra-large and tall foam rest, and moved it around and trimmed it until it felt right. For ten dollars, you can afford to experiment.

7/17/2018 10:54:00 pm


Took cardboard saver off the tape...the tape tore and wrinkled, making it unable to stick to violin....I recommend NOT buying this product...........Acoustagrip Solo for me.

6/25/2018 8:06:00 pm

Falls Off

This would be a great item if it would stay on. The product description states that it will not fall off, but it does. The shoulder rest hardly adheres to the violin and just a small erratic movement causes the item to fall.

2/28/2018 4:44:00 am

Private Teacher

I am looking forward to trying these rests for myself and my students. I've ordered several sizes because it's hard to tell what the height is. It would be very helpful if you could add the dimensions to the descriptions, especially the height of each shoulder rest. I entered 5 stars because I expect them to be what I need, but I'll adjust my review if needed after receiving them.

Jack Akin
3/6/2017 1:01:00 pm

Not interested in having an account, just wanted to buy

I went through the trouble to select items, put them into the shopping cart, and then found that I was forced to create an account with your company. I created one anyway, with incorrect information, so that I could let you know that I will never shop with your company

4/3/2014 11:43:00 pm

Good potential but needa improvement

I tried this as a professional, but it did not work for me because: 1) The sticky material is almost useless because the pad keeps falling off almost every minute. 2) The contour is not helpful because the violin is lifted too high. The pad should be flat. I do like the firm material, however. If the above is fixed, I would highly recommend it.

11/10/2013 5:39:00 am

Teacher Recommended

This was ordered to replace the "medium" I recently ordered. The regular "medium" attached well, but never touched much of me. I have a slim/athletic build, so I ordered this one. They are inexpensive enough that it's no problem to order a few different ones until you find one that fits. Like the "medium", this "medium tall" adheres well to my violin and gives me the mobility that my teacher thinks I need. I also have a Viva, traditional shoulder rest and a Bonmusica. The Bonmusica was good for helping me trust that the violin wouldn't fall and now I'm ready to enough shifting it around as I play from the E to G strings.

11/8/2013 11:23:00 am

Waste of money

This product was a complete failure for me. It won't stay on my violin. I called Shar and the person I spoke with didn't seem to be familiar with it and wasn't able to give me any guidance on why it wouldn't stay on. It has a very weak adhesive on the back. I dampened the back and dried it as advised by the Shar person but that didn't help. Instructions make it sound like it stays on by some kind of suction but I haven't had any success with that. Not worth sending back as postage would be as much as I paid..

12/14/2009 7:41:00 am

Flexible support, stays on well

I waited to write this review until my students had used this rest for some time. They are all good about putting the shoulder rest back on its card to keep the suction area clean. The suction cups are a better solution even than rubber bands because the shoulder rest doesn't slip. I would appreciate it if my local music store would carry these rests so we can find the right size before buying. They looked into it but couldn't find a supplier. Is it possible Shar could help?