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Wolf Forte Secondo Violin Shoulder Rest (fits 3/4 - 4/4 size)

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All Wolf Forte shoulder rests are adjustable in two directions: Width, to adjust for a variety of different lower bout patterns; Height, to adjust for optimal comfort for the player.

Violin 4/4 and 3/4 size. Rubber padded, Secondo ergonomically curved bar. Height and pitch adjustable with screw-on swiveling legs. Height adjustable from 1" to 3-1/4". Sliding width adjustment on one end.


Wolf Forte Secondo Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4-3/4

Ratings & Reviews

Sarah K
11/13/2022 9:23 pm

Great for longer neck

When I was younger I spent many years putting foam sponges under my shoulder rest to accomodate for my longer neck and prevent pain. Wish I had had this shoulder rest then! I can use this without any extras. Very comfortable.

1/6/2022 3:26:00 pm

My favorite shoulder rest

I have tried a lot of different shoulder rests; some were much more expensive than the Wolf, others were cheaper, yet this is the one I keep coming back to. It's light weight yet fits on my instrument very well and stays on. It's also very comfortable to use. Highly recommended.

Chuck Torbett
1/5/2022 6:32:00 am

Love this!

We have all seen lots of different shoulder rests come in and out of fashion. Most of us use the one our first teacher recommended. This one is my favorite because it does something the Kun & Viva can't. Since the "frame" is aluminum, it molds to your shoulder. That alone has made this rest appealing to me. I've tried many others and always come back to this one.

Ada N.
1/4/2022 11:12:00 am

I like this shoulder rest

Very well made, easily adjustable.

8/4/2018 6:15:00 am


I've had this shoulder rest for about 17 years (as has my brother). Perfect for our slightly taller necks and very comfortable on the shoulder. Disliked so many others, glad they make this one.

2/28/2017 4:47:00 am

An affordable shoulder rest that offers a highly personalized fit.

After a brief encounter with a very basic bar rest as a child my teacher recommended a Wolf and it's been my shoulder rest for both violin and viola for about 30 years now and the one I recommend most frequently to my students. They didn't have the Forte Secondo when I was first starting, so I used a Primo initially, which is still a better rest than most, but better for bigger, broader shoulders and chests in my experience. Paired with a well fitting chin rest, the half moon shape of the Forte Secondo helps the instrument hug towards our center of gravity, keeping the left shoulder mobile and the instrument secure. Height and tilt can easily be adjusted, but not everyone may know that the bar can also be bent and twisted to hook over the collarbone and contour to the upper chest for a highly personalized fit. This feature is a complete game changer. To get a similarly personalized fit in a rest we would probably have to look to Pirastro's Korfker, but they cost hundreds of dollars! Right out of the box the bar of this rest is usually completely flat across and that is usually uncomfortable and often too high for many people, event with the feet wound all the way down. It sometimes takes a few days or weeks of experimentation, but it becomes a completely different rest once we've bent it to suit us, so stick with it! A number of years back a student gave me a box full of shoulder and chin rests that she had tried over the years (and disliked). Through that I was able to try about 25 different shoulder rests. None were as comfortable or had the seemingly endless flexibility of the Wolf Forte Secondo, making it the winner even over popular Kun, Match One, and Bon Musica styles. The only concern I feel with this rest is that sometimes once we've bent it into a contour we like, the metal arm that allows us to extend or contract one of the feet may stick up and potentially scratch the instrument. In those cases I've had students cover the tip of the metal with duct tape or a more permanent solution could be to get a tool that can cut through fairly sturdy metal and and cut that arm a bit shorter.

5/14/2016 12:38:00 am

So far, so-so

My only other shoulder rest is a Kun Bravo which I like but felt I needed more height on the treble side. The Wolf provides that height and is much lighter as well, but feels a little on the flimsy side. The plastic screw assemblies and rather funky angle adjusters really detract from what is basically a good design. I wish the company made a "deluxe" version that had brass or aluminum hardware and a more conventional pivoting system to go along with the lightweight design and extended height adjustment. Right now I think I prefer the stability of the Kun even though it's heavier and doesn't provide the same flexibility.

8/13/2013 5:37:00 pm

Good "gripper" feet

I was impressed by the very good "gripper" feet on this product. The "collapsible" feature was a problem for me (it collapsed all the way down/too much for me) but thinking that was a problem speciifc to the particular one I got. I returned this one, and SHAR's return policy is quick and easy.

4/16/2013 4:41:00 pm

so far, so great!

I am switching to this style of shoulder rest for the first time and so far I love it. In the past, I had found similar-looking styles to be too tall and too stiff, but this one is easily adjustable in several ways. You can truly customize the fit for yourself. It feels very secure while playing without being uncomfortable, and it's very light. I'm hoping it doesn't have the dreaded tendency to fall off!! So far, so great!

5/11/2011 2:19:00 pm

Still well made after all these years

I can't believe Wolf still makes shoulder rests. I needed a new one for my daughter, so I looked at my old one from 1978 and it said Wolf on it. Google brought me to Shar Music to order. I thought there is no way it is still made with metal, even told a friend it's probably plastic now. Just got it in the mail and it is EXACTLY the same as my old one. Wow!! is all I can say. My 40 year old one still works perfectly so I'll pass it down to my daughter and keep the new one for myself. Wolf has impressed me today, and I'm not easily impressed.

5/2/2010 6:09:00 am

Well pleased

I started out with the Kun Super but needed more height. This one fit the bill and offers a lot more adjustment for the money. I like the way it is curved as this fits my shoulder and chest perfectly.

6/8/2009 8:50:00 pm


I've been playing violin off and on for many years, and never used a shoulder rest before. This shoulder rest is softer and a more flexible fit than any of the others I have tried. It actually feels natural, like I'm holding my violin with just my shoulder.