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Wittner Hypoallergenic Plastic Violin Chinrest - Center Mounted

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Allergy-tested materials (plastic body) with rounded contours to lessen irritation. Barrels are covered with hypo-allergenic plastic as well. Fits 4/4 size violin.


Wittner Hypoallergenic Vln Chinrest Center Mount

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8/26/2018 12:20:00 am

Good Center Mount Chinrest - No more shoulder pain

I've been playing for 3 years, & decided to try a center mount after experiencing left shoulder pain (was using Guarneri-style chinrest). Not only is the shoulder pain gone, my bowing is much improved. This chinrest is comfortable & light, and installation is very easy (comes with small screwdriver).

2/16/2016 12:53:00 am

A much better way to attach a chinrest!

I chose the Wittner plastic chinrest over the more traditional looking Flesch center mount for several reasons: its lighter, the clamps are smoother, its easier to attach to the violin, and seems less likely to cause any damage. As for reviews of the hypoallergenic chinrests being called "ugly", the only part that really looks any different isn't going to be seen wile your playing. And just in case it may be helpful to at least one person, here is a brief back story on why I needed a new chinrest: After an extended hiatus from playing (slightly longer than I would like to admit) Some friends gave me motivation and inspiration I needed to start playing again. Having spent the last two years studying metalworking, I now have much better dexterity and a keener sense of body awareness. After jumping full on into practicing every day for long periods of time I was getting terrible knots in my shoulder muscle, and my jaw bone was becoming too sore to touch at times. I did lots and lots of research on the way the violin is supported with and without a shoulder rest... I realized my set up was all wrong, and that I need to work my way to ditching the shoulder rest. I called Shar up and had a nice discussion with a guy named Jason. After discussing with him my pain issues and my goal of ditching the shoulder rest he was able to recommend several chinrests and some shoulder rests to aid me in that transition. I decided on the Comford Shoulder Cradle and this particular chinrest combined with the Impressionist.

1/8/2012 9:32:00 pm

Comfortable but BREAKS too easily

I am a professional violin/viola player and have purchased several of these for several of my instruments. They ARE very comfortable, and lightweight, thus the 3 stars---however, each one has broken (the legs, where they insert into the cup) and I've had to superglue them together! Thinking I had gotten a lemon, I've bought them again, only to have them break again, in the same exact spot. So, I have gone another route with chinrests. I do still recommend this to students, but with the warning that they might break. Wish they could be made to last for a lifetime.