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Wittner Augsburg Viola Chinrest

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Make your chinrest as tall as you need!

It is recognized by many violinists and violists that shoulder rests are only half of the equation when finding the most comfortable and effective way to hold their instruments. Chinrests often get ignored as a static part of the instrument, when really research has shown that it may be more important in offering a relaxed posture that fits your unique body!

The Augsburg and Zuerich Chinrests by Wittner are not only made from comfortable and hypoallergenic plastic, but they come with interchangeable risers to adjust the tilt in a way that allows for different instrument and jaw angles. Additional 8 mm risers can be added in pairs to make the chinrest as tall as is needed, reducing tension in players with longer necks or who prefer playing without a shoulder rest.

Made in Germany.


Wittner Augsburg Viola Chinrest

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12/19/2013 5:18:00 am

Must be assembled, and the left lip is steep

I think there are people out there who will love this chinrest. Wittner has made it with a great deal of detail. The workmanship is beautiful, and it is designed to accommodate many violists, but mainly ones who have giraffes in their ancestry. I've purchased Wittner chinrests before and have installed them on students' instruments, but I wasn't prepared for the amount of detail required to put this one on my son's viola. This chinrest comes with three heights of props (which you can mix and match to accommodate your particular giraffe's jawline) that you have to screw into the things that you have to hook the clamps into. If all that sounds confusing, it's because there are no English words to describe the various doohickeys that have to go together to install the chinrest. It would all be worth the trouble if, once you got it together, your son said, "Thanks Mom! That's so much better!" That wasn't how it went, however. If I wanted to try this on a student's instrument during a lesson, it couldn't be done in, say, half an hour or forty-five minutes. Just saying. I wanted to love this chinrest but it's not possible. The other thing about this chinrest that you can't really tell from the pictures on the website is that the left side of this chinrest is curved upward, almost like the cruel Guarneri chinrests that most of us love to hate. (Sorry luthiers. We hate them no matter what you think of them.) The picture looks opposite of that. If you look at the description of the violin Augsburg chinrest, you can sort of tell. Had I know this, I definitely would not have ordered it. I give it four stars because it really is beautiful, but I take one away because the web description is insufficient. It needs to show the end of a viola with one installed and it needs to say how labor intensive it is to install.