Wiedoeft Viola Rosin

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A large portion of highest quality viola rosin in a unique package!

Wiedoeft™ Rosin offers a consistent viola rosin that meets this needs of the more discriminating violist. It provides the viola player with a rosin featuring strong even adherence, long lasting power, extremely low powdering, unique packaging, and smooth tonal qualities.

Wiedoeft™ Viola Rosin is exactingly formulated with the finest components. It goes through several rounds of testing and strict quality controlled processes to insure the finest quality.

A minimum curing period for a predetermined time is a requirement for all rosins from this reputable American rosin manufacturer. The rosin comes in a square roll-down silicon package – offering a unique experience for string instrument players. The packaging keeps the rosin ready to go, and helps prevent melting. When not in use, the rosin slides into a container which further protects the outer layer.

As with all Wiedoeft™ Rosins, the viola rosin has the feature of longevity in shelf-life; that is, it is not affected by drying out and crystallizing. Once used, the rosin will show a continual wetting action allowing for easy application to the hair of the bow, and minimal powdering on the strings and instrument.


Wiedoeft Viola Rosin

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10/30/2017 7:42:00 pm

Not bad

Very smooth, broad sound, it could hide bow changes but less grip and less powerful than the rosin I usually use. Not easy to grip C & G string. I decided to mix it with other powerful rosin, more near the frog. Anyway I believe it might sound very beautiful on an expensive instrument since it could create wide range of color. Since I am using an inexpensive old German student viola, that rosin couldn't work well on that.

Lyndon Ramkhalawan
4/2/2017 12:51:00 am

Best Rosin So Far!

Definitely the best rosin I've tried so far.