Wiedoeft Bass Rosin

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Powerful, Smooth, and Long-Lasting, all in one rosin…

Wiedoeft™ Bass Rosin is exactingly formulated with the finest components. It goes through several rounds of testing and strict quality controlled processes to insure the finest quality.

A minimum curing period for a predetermined time is a requirement for all bass rosins from this American rosin manufacturer. The rosin comes in a player friendly roll-down design that maintains the rosins shape and quality throughout different climates around the world. This bass rosin is unique – you’ll notice the difference immediately, in how it feels on the bow and how it plays on the instrument.

The rosin comes in a unique square package – making it optimal for string instrument players. The packaging keeps the bass rosin ready to go, helps prevent any kind of melting. When not in use, the rosin slides into a container helping to further protect the outer layer.

As with all Wiedoeft™ Rosins, our bass rosin has the feature of longevity in shelf-life; that is, it is not affected by drying out and crystallizing.

Once used, the rosin will show a continual wetting action allowing for easy application to the hair of the bow, and minimal powdering on the strings and instrument.


Wiedoeft Bass Rosin

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8/14/2015 1:53:00 am


I cannot believe the difference using this rosin. I used 4 other rosins over the past three months trying out different ones. POPS being one that is very recommended. I like it but as a beginner of the bass I was seeking one for playability. I wasnít sure if I had enough on because it wasnít caking or highly visible on the bow hair. Didnít take much. The difference was instantaneous. The bowing is easy and the sound is clear and brilliant but still has depth. I can honestly say that this rosin is the first of cello, violin, or bass rosin that has impressed me!