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Viva La Musica Professional Violin Shoulder Rest - Walnut Black



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Viva La Musica

Ergonomically-designed solid wood Viva La Musica shoulder rests come in several styles, all of which are fully adjustable for height and width, plus have a unique lateral adjustment system to allow a custom fit for your shoulder. Ribbed rubber feet secure the rest with minimum contact with your instrument, allowing for the best resonance and projection.

Professional Models
Available in solid European Walnut or Maple and with gold tone or black hardware for the ultimate in elegant shoulder rests, with an elegant, ergonomic f-hole design. Fully adjustable as are all Viva La Musica models, and the heavy foam padding will allow you to get the most comfortable fit possible.


Viva La Musica Professional Violin Shoulder Rest - Walnut Black

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M Koth
10/4/2011 3:11:00 pm

I cannot rely on this shoulder rest to stay on my violin

I bought this shoulder rest based on the review that was already here and based on the reviews of the type of Kun shoulder rest I used to use. According to the reviews of the Kun, the new feet are not as secure as the old rubber feet and it tends to fall off the violin. This is also the case for the Viva. It is always falling off my violin. I tried putting the feet from my Kun on the Viva, but the screws were different sizes. I e-mailed Shar to register a complaint and to ask what type of glue they would recommend to glue the foam back on my Kun, but they suggested I get a cheaper Kun shoulder rest. This was not useful. And, after much adjusting, the Viva shoulder rest *still* falls off.

4/2/2009 1:10:00 pm

Great product!

I tried several shoulder rest in my life ( I'm 70!) I tried Kun, Kun Bravo, Wolf , Everest, etc...and this shoulder rest is the first one that I feel that is very comfortable.