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Toshira™ Viola Case

Item # : TAC66XBLU165


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Here is a feature-loaded, dart-shaped cases at an irresistable price! Strong foam shell cushions your instrument. Trim, black nylon oxford cover with large music pocket. Two D-rings for easy shoulder strap attachment (strap included). Velour interior with semi-French fit. Velcro neck restraint, two bow spinners, large accessory compartment and comfortable plastic handle. A zipper secures the case - no center latch. For violas 15", 15.5", 16", or 16.5".


Toshiraâ„¢ Viola Case

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1/7/2022 6:29:00 am

Light weight, good protection, but not the most durable straps

My daughter rides her bike year round to high school, and this case has protected her viola from a whole lot of weather and abuse that otherwise would have tortured the poor instrument. The inside looks and works like new after 3 years of daily commuting plus 1-3 "outings" for the instrument each day. The case comes with a nice blanket that protects the strings. There is a small box which she uses for rosin, a spark tuner, a small mute and her cleaning cloths by the scroll, but it's not large enough for strings/string envelopes. My daughter tucks her extra strings up in the closure at the base of the bows (which holds her two bows in place inside the case). There is no hygrometer nor bow tube, but you do get two bow holders with spinners. There is a pocket on the outside of the case which is large enough for a small amount of music, but is where Kate puts her rather large shoulder rest instead. While the zippers are all still perfectly functional, the straps and backpack anchors have not held up well. The backpack D-ring ripped out within a couple of months of use, and now the shoulder strap option D ring has also given way. However, the regular hand grip (for carrying it down by your side) is excellent; very ergonomic, comfortable, and still in perfect shape. I have been able to repair the strap holders using an upholstery needle and carpet thread, but the carpet thread broke after about 1 year. I am now going to try sewing it with dental floss (really!) as I've been told that that holds up like iron. Pluses: -Good protection for a 16.5" viola -Some storage -Case protects from even bad weather (but we do use a garbage bag over it on really rainy days) -Lightweight -Easy to carry (which is relative, cause these ain't easy to carry generally!) Negatives: -Not a ton of inside storage -D rings could be sewn on much better and this would get a 5 star rating!

6/12/2020 2:59:00 pm

Great case for a low price

Strong, yet very light case!! I love how it is so light; it makes carrying it less of a hassle. There's enough room for everything-shoulder rest, instrument, bow, and the accessory pocket on the outside is great for storing tons of music, pencils, and tuners. I always use the backpack straps. Unfortunately, the sewn attachment for the D-ring & strap came apart at the seams :( But I still use the other side! All in all, a durable, lightweight case under $50!!!

6/17/2017 12:49:00 am

Good student case

This case is the perfect case for a travelling student. It comes with two straps that can be attached to the back of the case and used as a backpack which is very convenient. Only down side is on the inside of the case, the strap that holds the neck of the Viola down lost a staple, I suggest maybe cutting the strap shorter so it doesn't get stuck to prevent staples from being pulled out. Overall *GREAT* value for the student Violist on a budget!

3/28/2017 12:55:00 pm

Excellent case on a budget

Very nice little case. Includes straps for back packing, a small music pocket, a place for rosin and accessories. The top is high enough to store a shoulder rest by the neck of the instrument. Best of all, it is light enough for an aging violist to carry around.