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Thomastik Rondo Experience (XP) Cello A

Item # : RO41XPA


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If you're looking for a sparkly, overtone-rich sound to elevate the sound of your Rondo cello strings, the Thomastik-Infeld RONDO Experience® A string was made for you! 

Despite having 700g less string tension than the standard Rondo A, the Rondo Experience A has a powerful, compact sound and a broad range of tonal colors. It is more sensitive to bow pressure and bowing speed, offering a higher capacity for modulation. Due to its forgiving character, the Experience maintains contact close to the bridge even when the bow pressure would normally be insufficient, and it reacts even faster to bowing impulses from the right hand while producing a clear, distinct sound with minimum effort from the left.


Thomastik Rondo Experience (XP) Cello A

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2/26/2023 6:00 pm

Broke before I could try- multiple times

TL;DR- broke 3 of these trying to install them (experienced player). I ordered a full set of the Rondo strings while Shar was running a promotion of getting a bonus A Experience string in addition to the regular full set. Initially, they forgot to ship the bonus experience string, and when installing the standard Rondo A it snapped at the peg apart before the string could even tighten over the bridge. It wasn’t snapped over the nut or a point of friction; it was at the thread-wound bit that spirals around the pegs. I reached out to Shar and they sent me an extra standard A as well as the Experience A I wasn’t sent before. I tried installing the Experience A first this time, and the same exact thing happened- it snapped at the peg. I finally tried installing the regular Rondo A, and got this one to tighten all the way up to an A-flat, where it snapped in the same place as the last two.