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Teka Ebony Violin Chinrest - Medium Plate

Item # : 1118E


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Teka style chinrest with a high, medium plate. Perfect for players with long necks. Available in Ebony, Rosewood, and Boxwood for full size Violins and Violas.

Max Plate Height: 30 mm


Teka Ebony Violin Chinrest - Medium Plate

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7/31/2018 10:51:00 pm

Better fit than others

This chinrest is perfect for me- I have a longer neck for my height and a decently defined jawline, so the scoop fits my face very well. I also hold the violin more forward because I am petite, so having the chinrest sit a little over the tailpiece is crucial for my comfort. This chinrest would be perfect for many others as well. In my observation of young and older students, other teachers and professional violinists, I have noticed just how many people have ill-fitting chinrests and notice that the majority of them also have their chin a little over the tailpiece. This rest has solved many clamping tension problems in my students and likely would solve them in other players.

2/5/2016 2:07:00 am

Finally comfortable

I was never really comfortable playing my violin. I bought a shoulder rest thinking that would help. It helped a lot but still not great. I have a long neck with kind of a bony jaw and I read on another site that the Teka chin rest might be for me. So I bought one from Shar. I just can't believe how much difference there is from my Guarneri chin rest. Comfort at last! So if you have a long neck and bony jaw like me, this chin rest may be perfect for you.

11/6/2012 6:58:00 am

Perfect fit for many players!!!

I have a set of ten chinrests that I try on each student to find the perfect fit. The results are in, and Teka is in the four which are chosen the most (and incidentally the one I myself use). I have a long neck and well-defined jaw. The other three high-performers are Berber, Wittner, and Flesch flat.