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Choosing the Best Cello Strings

Your choice of cello strings can make a HUGE difference in your sound. Subtle and warm strings like Pirastro Chorda work beautifully for ensemble playing; Evah Pirazzi strings from the same brand, meanwhile, are direct and brilliant, a perfect choice for soloists. There is a broad range in the middle (take a look at our cello string chart to see just how broad!), and many find that a cello string set somewhere in the middle is best for them. There’s no clear answer to the question “what are the best cello strings?”, or even “what are the best cello strings for students?”: it all depends on your level and goals.

When it comes to materials, steel core strings are by far the most popular: most of our best sellers, like Jargar Superior and D’Addario Prelude, feature a steel core. Tungsten cello strings like Spirocore are also popular favorites.

One must also consider the string’s gauge: heavier strings have a richer tone but a slower response, while thinner strings feature a sharper attack with a thinner sound. This is another place where the majority players tend to opt for the middle, as medium gauge cello strings strike a balance between the richness of tone and the faster response.

At SHAR Music, we love seeing a musician find their perfect string combination, but we also encourage experimentation! Each instrument has a wide range of unexplored possibilities; a new cello string set can make all the difference.

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