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Brands for Stringed Instruments

When you're looking for a place to find strings for your musical instrument, Shar Music is a place to find quality and variety. We have the supplies that you need for your cello, violin, viola, bass, and other stringed musical instruments. We have brands that you already know and trust, including D'Addario, Pirastro, Overture Ultra, Thomastik Infeld Vienna, Larsen Strings, and Jargar Strings. You can choose sets or buy just the one string that you need.

Core Materials, Gauges, Sizes, and More

Having an extra set of strings on hand is also essential for performance players who might need a spare in case they need to change out a broken one just before a concert. We also have strings of varying gauges, including medium, thick, and thick and to accommodate a range of skill levels and needs. Choose between core materials of gut, rope, steel, synthetic, and stranded steel. We also have strings for a variety of instruments sizes, including 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/10 instruments. Choose between ball and loop ends, and decide if you would like chromium, tungsten, nickel, chromesteel, alloy, titanium-nickel, and tungsten-nickel for the winding.

Guitar Strings

Whenever you're looking for guitar strings, we're also a great place to shop because we have gamba strings, mandolin strings, strings for electric guitars, and more. Choose from a variety of ends, gauges, core materials, and other important factors when picking out the strings that you want for your guitar or aother stringed musical instrument.

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86 Items