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O'Connor Method for Orchestra Book I - Score & CD

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O'Connor Method for Orchestra Book I - Score & CD | MO500

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About This Item

School orchestra directors: Turbocharge your orchestra with the O'Connor Method! Complete teacher/orchestra score includes everything you need to apply Mark O'Connor's winning techniques to your program. Includes outstanding performances by Mark O'Connor and professional New York-based classical orchestral players. The score is carefully integrated with the individual parts and will allow you to prepare yourself to teach the O'Connor Method to your ensemble.
  • For three parts: Violin, Viola and Cello (Viola part includes optional Violin II supplement) and Piano
  • Designed for grade school students
Mark O’Connor, arguably the greatest and most famous fiddler of all time, is an American original in every way. Currently, at the pinnacle of his remarkable career, Mark has created a new American School of Violin Playing that promises to quickly take its place among the great works of violin pedagogy. While utilizing classic methods of violin technique and theory, the Mark O’Connor Violin Method boldly adds uniquely American elements such as jazz, Latin, rock, folk, ragtime, and improvisation. This eventual 10-book series for teachers and students assures success by taking an orderly and gradual approach using appealing and memorable tunes. Each volume seeks to instill a deep appreciation of America’s musical history with background stories of all those that contributed to this rich heritage: Immigrants, African-American slaves, soldiers all contributed mightily to what has become the new American Classical Music. But simply creating fine players is not the goal of this method. Like any great movement, the Mark O’Connor Violin Method seeks a loftier goal: That young people everywhere will fall in love with playing music.

"I am pleased to introduce the O'Connor Violin Method for string teachers and students of the violin. This 10-book series is designed to guide the student gradually through the development of pedagogical and musical techniques necessary to become a proficient, well-rounded musician through a carefully planned succession of pieces. Gradual development of left-hand technique, bowing skill and ear training as revealed through the study of beautiful music encourages a love of music-making in a slow, steady and natural way."
- Mark O'Connor

Item Includes

Orchestra Tracks
1. Tuning the Orchestra 1:02
2. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (DV1) 0:37
3. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (DV2) 0:36
4. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (DV3) 0:36
5. Beautiful Skies 1:18
6. Oh! Susanna 1:05
7. Buffalo Gals 1:08
8. Amazing Grace 1:30
9. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V4) 0:37
10. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V5) 0:38
11. When the Saints Go Marching In 0:58
12. Westward Journey 0:50
13. Bonaparte's Retreat 1:08
14. Old Joe Clark 1:04
15. Climbing the Mountain 1:13
16. Appalachia Waltz 1:32
17. Boogie Woogie 1:13
18. Golden Slippers 1:07
19. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V6) 0:36
20. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V7) 0:36
21. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier 0:57
22. Sweet Betsy From Pike 0:57
23. Soldier's Joy 1:02
24. The World Turned Upside Down 1:16

Orchestra + Piano Tracks
25. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V1) 0:36
26. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V2) 0:35
27. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V3) 0:35
28. Beautiful Skies 1:15
29. Oh! Susanna 1:03
30. Buffalo Gals 1:07
31. Amazing Grace 1:26
32. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V4) 0:36
33. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V5) 0:37
34. When the Saints Go Marching In 0:56
35. Westward Journey 0:48
36. Bonaparte's Retreat 1:06
37. Old Joe Clark 1:06
38. Climbing the Mountain 1:11
39. Appalachian Waltz 1:27
40. Boogie Woogie 1:11
41. Golden Slippers 1:04
42. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V6) 0:36
43. Boil 'em Cabbage Down (V7) 0:35
44. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier 0:54
45. Sweet Betsy from Pike 0:56
46. Soldier's Joy 1:02
47. The World Turned Upside Down 1:05

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