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Shar Pinkyhold 50 Pack

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: Black

Now available in a pack of fifty! As any seasoned violinist or violist can tell you, a player's pinky is crucial for guiding bow direction. Specially crafted by us, the Shar Music® PinkyHold was created to help you master bow control. It's designed to help you form a bow hold and – more importantly – to help you keep your fingers relaxed while bowing.

The PinkyHold is designed for the developing student, though it works just as well for adults. (It's great for adults who are switching instruments – say, from a violin to a viola.) Small, brightly colored, inexpensive – and crucial. What more do you need?


Shar Pinkyhold 50 Pack

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2/8/2019 10:30:00 am

Private violin/viola teacher

I recently purchased a small selection of these: 2 of each color, and 10 black, in order to try them out with my students. I found them very helpful in positioning the pinky properly, without adding undue weight and bulk. My younger students liked them, but my middle school and high school students gave me mixed reviews, from "well, okay, if you insist" to "Do I HAVE to?". I liked the fact that they could be left on the bow and fit in most cases. "Concert black" was the most popular color, with blue and purple next, followed by red and green. I put the pink ones on my bows, as they were the least popular. My one gripe is they don't come in smaller lots. Packs of 10 would be nice, as 50 or 100 means quite an investment for one private teacher. I had ordered them singly over the phone, but don't see that option online here. Nice item, reasonably priced.