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Shar Music Tapered Cleaning Cloth Essential Bundle

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Seasoned players carry at least two cleaning cloths in their case: one to wipe rosin off of areas where the bow touches and rosin dust settles, the other to clean skin oils from the fingerboard and strings. You shouldn't wipe dirty rosin on areas your fingers touch! 


Traditional cleaning cloths tend to bunch and get stuck between the strings and fingerboard, making for difficult cleaning. With its thinner design and easy-to-thread ribbons, our Tapered Cleaning Cloth handily solves that issue. As a bonus, its unique size and shape will help remind you which cloth is which!

This bundle comes with the Tapered Cleaning Cloth as well as our classic Microporous Super Cleaning Cloth, so your bases are covered! For a bundle including both of these and our extra-large Super Cleaning Cloth, go here.

If you already have your Super Cleaning Cloth needs covered, you can purchase the Tapered Clean Cloth by itself here.

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