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Seiko Quartz Metronome

Item # : M380
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Seiko Quartz Metronome

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1/5/2022 6:39:00 am

Metronome Perfection

"This is all you need. Easy to carry around, none of the crazy extra features (and I have a $250 Korg!), the spinning dial makes it quick to get to the tempo you need, the click is pleasant, and the volume is even adjustable. I won the concerto competition at my university using this number, back in the day. Don't practice without it. :)"

1/4/2022 11:27:00 am

Great value

I've had this metronome for over 3 years and have sent it home with students until they get theirs. I take care of it, but it has fallen off of my stand onto the carpet many times. I use earphones with it and love the volume control. If you take the earphone out you have to turn the volume back up or it is silent, not broken. Easy to read dial and adjusts quickly. I like the flashing light when the student is using the earphone. It tells me if the student is on the beat even though I can't hear it.

6/22/2018 6:00:00 pm

Nice update to a good, reliable product

I owned the previous version of this metronome and when it finally started having issues after years of being bumped around in my fiddle case, bought this as a replacement. I like this metronome because of the ease of switching tempos, its extremely loud click, and the nice bright LED for use in silent mode. This version has been improved from the earlier one with a better LED and a volume control. This is a great choice if you're looking for a no-frills metronome that's solid and reliable.

5/24/2017 10:25:00 am

Metronome unexpectedly broke for no reason!

This metronome worked just fine for a couple of months. It produces a nice deep click that doesnt get annoying after awhile and it has great battery life. The only reason I am giving it a bad review is because its plastic switch broke without even dropping it or misusing it! It was impossible to put it back in and I lost $30 because of it. My recommendation: Dont buy cheap metronomes! Id recommend investing in a nice Dr. Beep.

Chi Park
2/28/2017 2:07:00 pm


i got this metronome a little over a year ago, and it worked fine until recently, when it just wouldnt sound anymore. I never dropped it or abused it in any way. I like the sound of both clicks I could hear it very well over my instrument. It was a good metronome while it worked.

2/12/2017 1:19:00 pm

Best metronome for duets, trios etc

Needed something louder than my little Korg for practicing duets with my cello buddy and my violin buddy; this Seiko is perfect!

11/8/2014 10:35:00 am


I bought this metronome a year ago and I love the simplicity of it. Not a lot of bright flashing lights or functions I don't even know how to use. It has 2 clicks to choose from, both very pleasing to the ear, a volume setting, a flashing red light that if you don't want to see, just turn it around, and a dial to pick the speed. Very sturdy, it has fallen many times on my hardwood floors and still works just fine.

10/14/2013 6:39:00 am

No-frills with small numbers

This is a no-frills metronome. It gets the job done. I just started to use a metronome when practicing. It has a loud click that is easy to hear when you're playing. However, now I see it probably would be useful to have some other options like a different sound on the downbeat for different meters. My big complaint as I am getting older and a little far-sighted is that the setting numbers are so very small that they are impossible to see without putting on my glasses.

12/25/2012 8:37:00 pm

Worse than useless

This thing always seemed to slow down and speed up when I used it. "Haha," you say! "Your playing needs work" So thought I, until today, when I recorded it with a DAW and it DOES indeed lag and speed up randomly. I have the visual proof. See the attached photo. File recorded at 60 bpm, and the clicks lined up admirably, until that one beat that threw everything off. I sort of want a refund, but it's been a while since I ordered it, and it really isn't Shar's fault. They are an excellent company, and this review is no reflection on them.

8/9/2009 1:21:00 pm

It's loud enough!

I LOVE this metronome. I wish it had been my first (and then my only) digital metronome. The beats are loud enough to hear, even when playing loudly. What good is a metronome, if you can't hear it!?