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SL Super Light Carbon Hybrid Cello Case

Item # : SL1000
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SL Super Light Carbon Hybrid Cello Case

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1/7/2022 6:29 am

Great Case! Great Value!

I really love this case. IMO you get a lot of case for your money. A Couple of minor things keep me from giving 5 stars. The Good - Very light and Easy to Carry. The Shoulder straps are also very comfortable and makes carrying the light case, with cello and accessories very comfortable. The interface between the the two halves of the case interlock creating a very tight seal - probably not waterproof, but I am sure it would protect the cello from rain. It is a very stiff case there is almost no flex when the case is closed nd buckle up. The case stands quite well. The carry handles are very well padded and comfortable. I like that the bow holder is a zippered. It is a VERY attractive case. I received many compliments on the case. I have the blue case and depending on the light, can look dark blue, purple or black - VERY Cool! Minor Issues - I wish the music holder was a bit wider, even .5 in. It's a just a little difficult to get music in and out of the holder. There is quite a bit of area behind where the scroll rests that can easily hold an accessory pouch and would have been nice if there was some kind of lightly padded pouch that came with the case to store, rosin, tuner. The case accessory pouch is located opposite where the cello scroll rests and is tight so you can't get many things in there. Like I said, these are just minor and the case is fantastic and for the money is an amazing buy.

1/7/2022 6:29 am

Seems nice so far

Pros: lightweight, attractive, neatly made and finished, reasonably priced. Cons: The clips holding the shoulder straps on are not good quality - I don't entirely trust them to hold the straps on securely; the latches, though they work well (they have a spring action and snap nicely into place) may not hold up to heavy use; the strap holding the neck in place has a plastic clip that is awkward to use. I'm not sure I would be satisfied with this case if I were going to be using it every day and/or carrying a delicate wood cello in it, but for my carbon fiber cello for occasional use I'm sure it will be fine. Ordering and delivery were easy and quick.

Professional Cellist
6/2/2022 8:24 pm

Not bad

Decent case for the price, used to be $700. The only issue is that the bow hair makes contact with the face of the instrument while inside the case. Not an issue for student level gear but avoid this case for nicer instruments unless you want varnish damage.