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Repair Shop FAQs

Repair Process What is the general process for repairs and restorations?

Ship your instrument or bring it in to the repair desk in the SHAR Showroom. Our expert luthiers will examine and diagnose your instrument and/or bow and provide you with a detailed estimate and expected date of completion for any recommended repairs. In some over-the-counter cases, we can provide evaluations while you wait. For more extensive restorations, you may need to leave the instrument for further consideration. For any instrument received, our luthiers will only proceed with repairs when customers have offered their approval. Customers will also always be contacted and consulted if any additional repairs beyond those indicated in the initial estimate are deemed necessary or recommended in the process of restoration.

Shipping Repairs How can I ship my instrument to SHAR for evaluation/repair?

Shipping Repairs Fill out the shipping form provided here, including your contact information and an explanation of the issue or service you would like to have addressed in our workshop. Carefully pack your instrument and/or bows in their cases and place the case in a larger box, firmly surrounding it with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing paper, etc. You may want to have a trusted shipping carrier help you with this process. When shipping bows alone, customers often choose to ship in unbendable PVC tubes cut to length, with padding included within and ends carefully secured with packing tape. Once packed, ship to the address below. When we receive your bow and/or instrument we will contact you with an estimate and expected date of completion. Once repairs are complete, we will contact you to collect payment for repairs and return shipping  ($10 for bows / $15-20 for violins and violas).

SHAR Music
Attn: Repair Shop
2465 S. Industrial Hwy.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Appointments Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment to leave your instrument with us for evaluation and/or repair. You can stop by the repair counter anytime during Shar Showroom hours (Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5) and speak with our coordinator or one of our luthiers. However, if you are coming from out of town, or if you are otherwise hoping for a same day service or service while you wait, you may call or email to schedule. (See below for information regarding bow rehair scheduling)

Inspection & Adjustments Do you offer tune ups, tonal adjustments, and inspections?

Yes, our basic maintenance service begins at $35 and includes a full inspection, a bridge and soundpost adjustment, treatment of pegs to ensure perfect function, and light cleaning. If any additional issues are found, we will contact you with an estimate.

Repair Turnover How long do instrument repairs take to complete?

Most standard maintenance repairs (like bow rehairs, bridge or soundpost replacements, new pegs, seam gluings, etc. ) can be completed in a matter of a few days. Significant cracks and other repair issues that require the removal of an instrument top may require a week or two. The timeframe for more involved and multifaceted restorations will be determined on a case by case basis. However, for any repair, we provide customers with an expected date of completion along with an estimate of cost at the outset and we are always committed to completing work in a timely manner.

Bow Rehairs How much does it cost to rehair a bow, how long does it take, and what is the scheduling procedure?


Bow rehair pricing is as follows: Violin and Viola $72, Cello $76, Bass $88. Due to the high volume of bow rehairs completed in our shop, we must schedule this and other bow services. Typically this process only takes a few days. During certain periods (like back to school and the holiday season), the wait period may be a bit longer. To assure a limited wait period, customers can call ahead to schedule a date to drop off their bow. Since the rehair procedure takes a minimum of two days to allow time for drying, we cannot provide same day service. However, for over-the-counter customers we can typically provide a loaner bow if necessary.

Service Guarantee Are repair and maintenance services guaranteed?

Yes. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a repair or restoration when presented upon completion, we will address any concerns at no additional cost. Instrument repairs and restorations are also guaranteed for a period of at least 1 year, and 6 months for bow rehairs.

Warranty Repairs What is the warranty policy for instruments purchased from SHAR that require repair?

New instruments and bows purchased from Shar typically come with a one year warranty. This covers any maintenance issues that result as instruments adjust and settle into new environments. However, this policy does not cover repairs that result from accidents, or improper storage/transportation conditions.

Rental Repairs How are repairs on SHAR rental instruments handled?

All necessary repairs for SHAR Michigan rental customers are covered under the rental plan at no additional cost. If you have an issue, you can bring the instrument or bow into the showroom or to our rental desk and it will either be taken in for a timely repair or exchanged for another. Likewise, rental instruments can be serviced by notifying a strings teacher and/or requesting to have the instrument or bow picked up at a participating school by one of SHAR's school representatives. For information on repairs for national SHAR Way rental instruments, see our SHAR Way Terms & Conditions.