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SHARWAY Premium Violin Outfit - 1/2 size

SHARWAY Premium Violin Outfit - 1/2 size | SH500SWB 12

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SHAR Price: $25.99/month

Item# SH500SWB 12

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About This Item

Your SHARWay instrument has a monthly payment equivalent to the amount shown above. Ongoing monthly payments will be automatically charged to the credit card provided at the time of checkout.

Payments are processed on the 1st or 15th of each month, whichever is nearest to the date your initial SHARWay order was placed (not sooner than 30 days after your order).

You may cancel your SHARWay agreement at any time. Please contact a SHAR Representative at 800.248.7427 prior to returning your instrument to SHAR so that we may process your request in the most timely manner possible.


Say Goodbye to Never-Ending Payments!
If you stay in the same size instrument for the full SHARWay Term, the payments automatically end.

Build Equity from the First Payment!
100% of all monthly payments accumulate as SHARWay Equity, which may be used towards 50% of the direct purchase (not a SHARWay Buy-Out) of any instrument of greater value within 60 days of the last received payment. Upon completion of the SHARWay Term, Customer has 60 days to use accumulated SHARWay Equity.

Upsizes & Exchanges Ship FREE!
Round trip shipping is included with an Upsize or Exchange. SHARWay Equity continues to accumulate as you change sizes or levels.

Early Buyout Option!
A Buy-Out option is available as an early payoff of the SHARWay Outfit. A Buy-Out is calculated as 50% of the remaining payments after the completed Initial Period shown below.

SHARWay LevelInitial PeriodSHARWay Term
Standard6 months30 months
Premium6 months30 months
Deluxe9 months36 months
Performance12 months36 months

Item Includes

  • Franz Hoffmann Intermediate Student Violin
  • KVB Brazilwood/ Horsehair Bow
  • Toshira Shaped Case (TC66)
  • Rosin

Warranty Info

Extended SHARWay Warranty
SHAR agrees to replace damaged Outfit components when breakage or damage is deemed by SHAR to have been caused by defects in workmanship or materials. Warranty does NOT cover accidental damage, theft, or string replacement. SHAR will not pay for any unauthorized repairs, unauthorized purchases, rentals or any other form of replacement including shipping and handling charges or any related costs of any Outfit component or part at any time.

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Customer Questions

Question by:


Asked On: 08/18/2018

When you upgrade your instrument, do you once again get a bow and resin? also is the case supposed to be the same as that which you received before?

SHAR Answer:

Hello Elsa! When you exchange your rental for a new size, you will receive a new instrument, case, bow and rosin. Unless you are upgrading in rental level (Standard to Premium or Deluxe), the case, instrument, and bow you receive will be the same. Please feel free to call our Rentals Hotline at 800-248-7427 with further questions. Thanks!

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Question by:


Asked On: 11/03/2016

Which model violin/bow comes with this package?

SHAR Answer:

Hi Julie! This outfit includes a Franz Hoffmann Intermediate Student Violin, Brazilwood Bow, Toshira Shaped Case and Rosin. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at 1-800-248-7427.

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Yes | 37 people found this question helpful