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Whether you are just beginning your musical journey or steadily improving, SHAR is committed to helping you achieve the highest possible musical goals. Our SHARWay Program provides a low monthly payment, returns and exchanges at any time, an extended warranty, accumulating equity towards the purchase of another SHAR instrument, no hidden fees, and it is available to ALL residents within the 48 contiguous states!

Considering local shop rentals? Be informed and ask these questions before making your selection.

What will I really pay?
With the SHARWay you pay only the monthly payment, no extra fees. Extended manufacturer warranty in included in your standard monthly price.

Am I renting forever?
It's your choice, 3 months, 6 months, never more than the SHARWay term*. If you make all payments in the SHARWay term, process an early buyout, or return your instrument, you owe nothing further - that is our SHARWay promise to you. *SHARWay term is 30 months for Standard and Premium levels and 36 months for Deluxe and Performance levels.

What about changing sizes?
As your student grows into a new size, simply call us - round trip shipping for upsize or upgrade is FREE! We'll ship your larger instrument along with a return shipping label to send back your smaller instrument. No lost practice time!

Where is this available?
Within the 48 contiguous states. Due to the high cost of shipping, this program is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or outlying islands.

What are my options when I'm ready for a more advanced instrument?
When you're ready for a more advanced instrument, 100% of your payments can be applied toward up to 50% of the price of another SHAR instrument of the same type (ie: violin for violin), excluding fine, rare and consigned instruments. That is SHAR's HUGE advantage! Typical rental programs limit the amount of equity you can accumulate and/or result in exorbitant prices to buyout the rental or purchase a new instrument. With the SHARWay you build equity with each monthly payment and our sales volume and quality offer a better value than what is commonly available.

Is there a penalty for returning my instrument?
No, absolutely not. The SHARWay allows you to return your instrument at any time and for any reason. No extra charges, no restocking fees and no early termination penalty. You can even try our outfits for 30 days and if not completely satisfied, return for a full refund. Instrument must be returned in like-new condition to receive full refund.

Why choose SHAR?
SHAR offers a tremendous value in stringed instruments. Our instruments perform better than instruments that cost much more elsewhere. Should you wish to purchase or upgrade in the future, SHAR offers fair priced options for musicians of any level.

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113 Items