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Presto® Impulse Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Item # : PI900


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High Performance Bows for High Performance Players

You've worked long and hard to develop your skills and you have a repertoire of advanced techniques. You know what you want to express in your playing. Now, here is the perfect partner that feels your every impulse and responds in-kind. After three years of painstaking development and countless professional trials and tests, the new PRESTO® Impulse is born. Meticulous attention to every detail assures that the PRESTO® Impulse stands ready to accurately reproduce your every nuance, and nothing more. PRESTO® bows are only made with aerospace-grade fibers and resins. The engineering process guarantees longevity by eliminating "creep," a flaw in carbon-fiber manufacture that can warp a bow or diminish camber over time. All bows are thoroughly inspected, meaning only bows with the best craftsmanship are sent to our customers. Splendid tracking ability, superb control and a warm tone allow you to keep your mind, and your heart, on your performance.

When we set out to develop this new bow, we started with a list of "must-haves":
- The bow must feel alive and resilient, just like a fine-quality wood bow
- Weight and balance must be exactly like a traditional bow so that tedious re-learning of bowing techniques would not be necessary
- Each bow must conform to strict manufacturing standards, for consistency; yet, within defined parameters, the blending of carbon resins must be such that a variety of sticks would be made available for audition. In this way, a skilled violinist is able to discover the perfect PRESTO® Impulse bow
- Each bow must be fitted and finished by hand, to assure proper operation and hand-feel

"The Presto Impulse bow is remarkable. I was amazed at the response, clarity and tone it produces. This is a serious endorsement from me, as I have always shunned carbon fiber bows due to their lack of an "organic" feel. This bow feels and responds like a first rate bow in many ways. It doesn't produce a buttery tone like a great Pecatte or Simon, but it's the next best thing. Congratulations to Shar on a wonderful achievement."
- Andrés Cárdenes
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Presto® Impulse Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Ratings & Reviews

11/15/2022 1:33 pm

lightweight carbon fiber bow

lightweight bow, good for bouncing strokes. however, it isn't the best bow if you're doing very advanced pieces that require a very deep and powerful sound

10/20/2022 12:31 pm

it's alright for the price

bow lasted for a year but the leather winding started peeling off, difficult to do advanced techniques using this bow because it's so light

10/19/2022 5:16 pm

nice bow

overall it's a nice bow, lightweight, took off a star because some hairs fell off on the first day

Phil Braho
9/13/2022 8:14 pm

Better than previously thought?

I am trying this one again and I previously gave it only one star but since then I have upgraded my violin. On my current violin it does seem to give me a very clear and smooth tone and it is very well balanced I feel like I have better control with it and it responds very well to dynamics. The only thing I probably don't like, it is a bit on the light side..

7/9/2022 12:54:00 am

Great value carbon fiber bow

I was looking for a carbon fiber bow for the durability, and was impressed with the Presto Impulse. It is very playable and easy to adjust to, comparable to wood bows that exceed $1,000. I found all the bowing techniques I needed to be doable with this bow. You can still notice a difference in tone compared to a pernambuco bow, but I don't mean it in a bad way. Overall, if looking to get a carbon fiber bow for whatever reason and are playing advanced repertoire, I think this bow offers great value.

5/26/2020 5:12:00 am

Great Bow for violinists with skinny arms!

Im a violin performance major with a tight budget, but needed a good bow to get me through college, recitals, etc. Also considering that arms are very narrow I was searching for something on the lighter end that I could control well. After trying several upper end carbon fiber bows of different makes I just couldnt seem to find one that was a significant enough improvement on my current bow to actually buy it. Many produced too much surface noise or were hard to control. I finally resorted to an in-home bow trial with 2 Presto Impulse bows. After just 30 minutes of playing, I knew Id found it. The bow itself does seem considerably light, but for me, that was just what I was looking for! It produces a better sound on my instrument than my >3000 dollar bow. Thank you Shar!

12/5/2019 2:36:00 am


Shar Music will ship up to four bows on a home trial, similar to their home trial program for instruments. The price of round-trip shipping is reasonable and well worth the money. According to staff members at the Shar violin shop, most bow trials consist of four different bows of similar price. I think it would be a mistake to purchase a quality bow by simply comparing one bow sample from each of four different models. My two top-of-the-line Coda Bow viola bows were carefully matched to my 16 inch and 16.5 inch Karl Joseph Schneider Premier violas when I purchased them two years apart. These two violas and bows serve me well for different composers and musical time periods. When I ordered my recent carbon fiber violin bow trial, I tried out only four Presto Impulse bows. I skipped a trial of the Coda Bow Diamond GX entirely because of its higher price. The Presto Impulse violin bow that I chose from my trial compares very favorably to my years of experience with my two Coda Bow viola bows. The Shar staff did a great job of sending me four bows with no more than half a gram difference in weight. At first, the four bows felt nearly identical. Little by little, I began to notice subtle differences in the four bows. I never thought that one bow was "better" than the other three. Spicatto bowing and rich legato bow strokes were right on the money for all four bows. However, I gradually recognized differences in the ways the four bows could improve my personal bow handling. By the time I completed my bow trial, I could have another person set out the four tagged bows randomly on a table. I could easily identify each of the four bows by how it felt in my hand and by how each bow moved on the strings. Amazing! If you are purchasing this bow for a student who takes private violin lessons, it is an excellent idea to schedule your bow trial so the four bows can be evaluated during a private lesson. The violin teacher can try out the bows personally. The violin teacher can also provide valuable observations of how the four bows move in the student's hand and what differences in sound occur for each bow.

Adam DeGraff (The Due
10/11/2018 9:50:00 am

The Perfect Bow!

The Presto Impulse Carbon Fiber Bow is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I have a case full of fine old French bows and what I have found is that more and more I started grabbing for my Presto Impulse. Now it is all I use. It is fine enough for classical playing, strong enough for heavy rock music, and tough enough for the percussive work that we incorporate into our show. The stick tends towards the stiff side, but not at the detriment to sensitivity. For me it's perfect. ~Adam DeGraff, violinist www.TheDuelingFiddlers.com

Phil Braho
9/9/2018 3:23:00 am

A BIG disappointment

I have tried this bow on my Simon Joszef violin through the trial program and it was a rather big disappointment. I thought the overall feel of this one was way too light and it seemed to take a lot of work to make a good sound.

12/21/2015 4:34:00 am

Better than Coda GX

This past spring my wife and I got two bows on trail. A Presto Impulse and a Coda Diamond GX. The Presto was lighter so I favored the Coda to start, but have found when playing the Presto that it produces a clearer tone with none of the noise that I get from the Coda. Both are very good bows, but the Presto produces a richer tone on my Leister violin.

Susan B.
1/30/2014 7:56:00 pm

a fine bow

I already own two nice bows (a Hill and a Vuillaume), but I thought a carbon fiber bow would be good to use for teaching, performing outdoors, etcÖ.once I started playing with the Presto Impulse, I found that it actually has all the qualities that I look for in a fine bow and it makes my violin sound fabulous. I havenít played with my other bows since!

11/4/2012 7:43:00 am

A very nice bow

First and foremost shar's customer service is top notch. As for the bow it plays much better than my pernambuco bow at around the same price. It has a great tone and draws big sound without much effort. Nice and versatile, very pleased.

7/9/2011 9:41:00 am

Compared with Coda GX, NX

Using Sharmusic in-home trial, trying Coda Diamond GX, NX, Presto Impulse and 2 others. Performance of Impulse is head to head with GX: It is slightly heavier (60.1G) than GX, but its more agile than GX. Depending on which violin I use, either GX or Impulse can produce sweeter sound. Considering price difference I end up buying Presto Impulse ... Loving my Presto Impulse so far after 6 weeks of usage.