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Presto Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

Item # : CPC120X44


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Enjoy the benefits of a carbon fiber bow - laser-straight tracking, excellent control and unparalleled durability - all at a great price. PRESTO bows are only made with aerospace-grade fibers and resins. The engineering process guarantees longevity by eliminating "creep," a flaw in carbon-fiber manufacture that can warp a bow or diminish camber over time. All bows are thoroughly inspected, meaning only bows with the best craftsmanship are sent to our customers. The perfect bow to teach young players correct technique, the Presto bow is also used by many advanced players for outdoor or pit work, or as a backup bow. Black with finished stick, ebony frog with Parisian eye (bass bows with pearl eye).


Presto Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

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10/26/2013 7:23:00

Good Bow

Good bow. Arrived in perfect condition and great packaging. Lightweight and good for a Begging/Intermediate/Temporary bow.

9/20/2013 4:03:00

Amazing Step Up!

I have been using this bow for 8 months, and I absolutely adore it. I started with a fiberglass bow that came with my cello, but eventually I started losing a lot of hair (playing 2Cellos style) and I also wanted a lighter bow. I didn't test this one before ordering, but it's perfect! It feels right for me and is light, but not too light. Living in Alaska, you can't have wood bows because they warp here due to our massive weather changes. But this bow doesn't sacrifice tone for durability, and isn't too expensive like others may be. Definitely a must for interrmediate musicians looking for a better bow but are paying for it themselves. :)

3/22/2011 13:45:00


I have been learning to play the cello for a year and a half and I am kicking myself for not getting this bow sooner! The bow that came with my cello is Brazilwood and it is warped (I didnít get my cello for SHAR). I always had to tighten the bow so much that there was no curve so I could get a sound from the g and c strings. This bow is the complete opposite! I donít have to tighten it to much and it gets amazing sound from the g and c strings! I wish I would have had this bow when I started learning, it would have helped so much! I am deeply in Love!

Alan DeNicola
3/3/2011 7:59:00

Presto Carbon Fiber

I have been playing string instruments for 30 years.... This bow is a must for a step up for any beginner or advanced player looking for a responsive well-made carbon fiber bow without the big price tag. My wife Patty said the cello never sounded so sweet.

4/25/2009 6:01:00

Great bow for students, great teaching bow for me

I love this bow-- the balance varies, so get 4 and choose the one that suits you best. I've had several students buy this bow over the years with great results. I use it to take into schools and teach-- it's not fragile, and it's low price point is nice in case someone steals or breaks it. Also good for outdoor gigs.