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Pirastro Passione Cello String Set Medium

Item # : 295SM


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Pirastro Passione Cello Strings

Passione strings for cello have a very quick response even in the highest positions and easy playability due to the small string diameter. The steel core A and D strings have a precise and clear tone up to the highest register and enormous power. The gut core G and C strings have significantly reduced playing-in-time for gut core strings and create a smooth transition from the D to G. Their diverse spectrum of overtones and full, rounded sound make them the perfect choice for the modern cellist.

Instrument: Cello
String Type: Set
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

A String:
Chrome wound over a steel core
D String: Chrome wound over a steel core
G String: Chrome wound over a gut core, 28 Gauge
C String: Tungsten wound over a gut core, 32 Gauge

String Tonal Profile:


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11/24/2009 4:42:00 am

Warm and smooth

I was looking for strings that would allow me to more easily blend in small ensembles and this set worked well on my cello for that purpose. I usually use the Magnacore Arioso full set which sounds fantastic on my modern Italian cello, but can be too powerful for some chamber music settings. I'm pleased that this set sounds rich, warm, and sweet.