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Pirastro Gold Rosin for Violin and Viola

Item # : PR13


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4 Reviews

Professional grade rosin. Light amber cake on white satin-like cloth packaged in Pirastro rosin box.


Pirastro Gold Rosin for Violin and Viola

Ratings & Reviews

11/15/2022 1:40 pm

pirastro gold rosin

it's alright, the rosin leaves light powder on my bow, it is a bit scratchy on my violin at times

Mitchell Kittle
1/5/2022 8:15:00 am

Amazing Rosin

This rosin is great, my whole high school orchestra uses it and it works great.

7/19/2018 1:13:00 pm


It's OK, but only that. It gives a light powder and is not especially grippy. I like a rosin with a more grab, so it is not my favorite.

11/26/2012 3:55:00 pm

Didn't like

I do not like this rosin very much. The sound is nice for solo playing, but not for chamber playing. The sound is slightly harsh. But the most annoying thing about it is that it rubs off the bow very easily and I am constantly having to reapply the rosin to keep a consistent sound.