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Performa Thermoplastic Polymers Violin Shoulder Rest in 4/4 Size

Item # : PFP44
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Performa Thermoplastic Polymers Violin Shoulder Rest in 4/4 Size

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Nancy Brown
8/2/2022 1:43:00 am

Does not stay on the violin - keeps falling off

This would be good IF it stayed on the violin. I got in the mail and put it on my violin and went to orchestra rehearsal and it kept dropping off all night long. Unfortunately, I'll have to return it.

5/17/2022 8:26:00 pm

Performa shoulder rests

Too bad these shoulder rests don’t come in 3/4 size. I have asked before. I would buy them in a heart beat. They look very comfortable. And a decent chin rest. I have a short neck and bony shoulder. But I can’t find anything that fits comfortably. Thanks for listening.

10/5/2015 4:11:00 pm

Heaviest shoulder rest I have used and I love it

I just received both the wood and plastic performa versions. I lean more towards the plastic because it's heavier. Yes - heavier. The wood does look nice, but the heavier shoulder rest makes my Luis Clark carbon violin much more comfortable to play....it brings the center of balance much more towards my shoulder. Before the performa, my "go to" shoulder rest was the Wittner Isny shoulder rest. I'm very biased on Wittner products. The Wittner Isny allows me to rotate and move my violin forward and back. The Wittner doesn't "lock your violin in". If you're comparing, here are some specs: Performa Wood = 83gr / Performa plastic = 110gr / Everest EZ 4/4 size = 76gr / Wittner Isny = 48gr / Kun Voce carbon = 57gr / Everest spring blue 3/4 - 4/4 size = 72gr. The wide shoulder area of the performa really does spread the weight out. The additional padding is nice too. I find the performa and wide platform balances out the weight of the violin better (and again much more closer to the body of the violin and your shoulder). Like I said, I'm more biased towards the heavier black perorma model. As light as my Luis Clark carbon violin is, the heavier shoulder rest makes the carbon violin even lighter. In terms of dampening noise, you will need to rely on other comments and reviews. For me, I cannot tell whether the wood vs. plastic models dampens the sound more or less. But I can tell that Wittner Isny shoulder rest produces the best sound (for me) because the Isny shoulder rest is completely floating from the body. I do notice any shoulder rest that has to squeeze the body to stay on will dampen the noise a tick.....again - personal preference. There is no perfect shoulder rest for everyone....just a better or more perfect shoulder rest for you. For kids, I think the performa would be a good idea too. The larger platform and additional padding layers could be a lot more comfortable for young kids and teenagers.

9/3/2015 10:44:00 am

Comfortable but wouldn't stay on

Having used the old Kolitsch shoulder rest for many years, I was drawn to the Performa with its broad surface area and low profile. It was in fact very comfortable and enabled a rich sound. I just couldn't get it to stay on my instrument. I think it's because my violin is smaller than average and the feet on the Performa are 2.75 inches as opposed to 2.5 inches long on the shoulder rest I'm using now so it wouldn't cling to the body of the instrument.

7/13/2013 5:51:00 pm

Definitely not for everyone

This is probably a great shoulder rest for some people, but it doesn't work at all for me. 1) The shoulder rest is extremely stiff and has almost no flex. So, depending on the holes you chose for the feet, this either makes it very difficult to put on the instrument or it easily falls off. 2) I really like the wide padded area, but due to my prominent collar bone and shallow curve of the shoulder rest, it easily slides off my shoulder. 3) Even with the tallest feet, it isn't tall enough. I find the Wolf Segundo or Bonmusica shoulder rests work much better for me.

10/10/2012 3:16:00 pm

Amazing Shoulder!!!

I recently bought this shoulder rest out of mere curiosity. I didn't have too many hopes since I have tried them ALL before and ended up playing with a sponge for the last years so my plan was to return it if it didn't felt right. However, this was not the case at all! After years of pain and discomfort I can say that I think I finally found the perfect shoulder for me! Not only I feel better and mostly pain free while playing but I have regained my motivation to practice and my technique is surely progressing!!! I haven't felt this excited to practice in years! I totally recommend this shoulder.

3/5/2010 6:09:00 pm

I love it!

This shoulder rest is exactly what Iíve always wanted! Iím a fan of either no rest (too slippery) or the Play-on-air (too sound-dampening). This amazing product is as low as you can go without actually touching the back of the instrument. It doesnít lock the violin in place, or create shoulder stress. It is extremely lightweight. It is also gorgeous (I have it in wood) and it doesnít fall off. Bravo!