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Performa Padauk Wood Viola Shoulder Rest

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The Ergonomic Edge to Playing!


Using only the highest quality of materials, each Performa features a wider surface area to distribute the instrument’s weight and player’s pressure evenly on the shoulder just as when one plays without a shoulder rest. Its patented design provides comfort never before experienced, resulting in a miraculous relief from tension and pain.  

The Performa Shoulder Rest is completely customizable. It includes three feet that are different heights to be adjusted to the desired height. One is 11mm in length, one is 17mm, and one is 25mm. When when the two shorter feet are at their lowest settings, Performa becomes the lowest shoulder rest - as if one is playing without one. The tall 25mm foot is for those who require an even higher elevation on one or both sides. All three are available for purchase separately. The soft foam pad that comes on the shoulder rest is 5mm in thickness. (Pads are reusable)

The remaining challenge to completing the task lay in the development of perfect feet for the Performa. The design, material selection, and gripping integrity were critical requirements. The inventors would seek out a soft rubber compound that would not damage the varnish, provide a strong grip so as to stay in place and provide minimal contact so that there be no muffling of the sound.

The Performa is an exciting choice for any player, and most especially one who currently does not use a shoulder rest but would like to. Playing will feel more organic while the head, neck, arms, and hands find restrictions and discomfort eliminated.  The Performa Shoulder Rest allows viola playing to feel more organic. Performa allows the head, neck, arms, and hands to function without restrictions and discomfort when placed properly on the instrument.

The Performa Shoulder Rest for viola is available in two sizes: Large and Small.  The large size is designed for 15.5-17" violas.  The small size is designed for 15-16.5" violas.


Performa Viola Wood Shoulder Rest

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12/30/2022 9:28 pm

Pros and Cons

This Shoulder rest is imaginatively designed, giving a larger surface area in contact with the player's body for those who desire that. Just be aware that this rest weighs 1.5 to 2 times the weight of a Kun, Wolf, or similar rigid rest. Also, the only adjustments available are for height and sizing to the width of the viola: the tilt is fixed. It bothered me to see, that for the high asking price, the item states "Made in China". For $140 I would expect it to be manufactured in a country where workers are paid a decent wage and enjoy civil rights.

Adam Han-Gorski
6/30/2022 11:50:00 pm

Excellent product

I have been using a Kun rest on my violin for decades, however I place the left side over the corner of the f- hole so it rests below the shoulder bone. If placed in a traditional way, it tends to slide becoming a leverage, pushing your head back and causing tension. This sits well and gives widely distributed support like no other gadget I had seen. I wrote this about one I got for my viola- pretty big instrument and it feels great. I ordered one now for my violin.

Erik W
4/17/2022 1:13:00 pm

great shoulder rest!

I've pretty much tried every shoulder rest on the market and this is the first one I've found that was designed properly for large/wide violas. The size 'L' version fits my viola at its widest point (about 26cm) and still has a free notch for an even wider viola. The wood construction enhances the resonance of the instrument, and the rubber feet are well designed and do not move. The low height keeps the instrument closer to the shoulder, which took some getting used to, but now it feels more natural to play and I forget the shoulder rest is even there. Overall I highly recommended this rest, and I only wish something like this had been on the market years ago!