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Peak Folding Cello Stand

Item # : PCS20


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Due to vendor supply issues, Peak products will be unavailable for several months.

The Peak Folding Cello Stand is a heavy duty tubular steel stand with adjustable neck height & arms to accommodate all sizes of cello. The stand features a neck restraint, rubber coated arms, and can collapse down to 21 inches for easy storage. Please note that this stand does not have a bow holder. Weight: 2.5 lbs. Height: 27" / 42"


Peak Folding Cello Stand

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9/23/2016 12:03:00 am

Don't purchase for your Cello!!!

This is a horrible product, made by a guitarist, I'm sure. It probably works great for guitar, but the cello back touches the stand (not good) and there's no place to put your bow. Spend the money and get the Ingles cello/bass stand. It's a bit bulky if you're carrying it around, but at least it does the job well. You don't even have to put the endpin away with the Ingles.

8/1/2016 1:17:00 am

This is NOT a cello stand

Don't let the description fool you. This is a guitar stand. I realized in purchasing it that the endpin of the cello couldn't be left out, nor was there a bow holder. However, the arms of this stand are way too narrow to accommodate the body of a cello, and the neck holder doesn't come out far enough to keep the top of the back of the instrument from resting on the support of the stand. It is not a bad design for a guitar, I'm sure....but a cello...HORRIBLE!!!

5/3/2009 10:50:00 am

Not a cello stand

I hope the other reviewer's comment was available before I placed my order. Indeed this is not a cello stand. Not only the bow holder is missing (which I'm OK with because at least it was disclosed in its description) but also the supporting arms are way too small to hold a cello. They are too short to hold my son's 1/4 sized cello. I can't imagine how it can hold a full sized cello. I was wondering about the poor design until I read the other reviewer's comment. Yes, it is a guitar stand, which explains why it doesn't come with a bow holder and the short support arms can hold the thinner guitar body easily.