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SHAR String Teacher Program: Requirements and Terms
SHAR String Teacher Program
Requirements and Terms
Teachers may qualify for the String Teacher Program (hereafter "Program") as either a "String Teacher", "Orchestra Director", or "Full Time Professional Musician" based on the following criteria:

String Teacher Requirements
- Teaching private lessons to at least six string playing students (violin, viola, cello, or bass).
- Provide adequate information to confirm either A) Active membership in a recognized Teacher/Musician's Association (e.g. ASTA, SAA, ISB, MTNA) or B) Active player in a recognized community or semi-professional orchestra or ensemble. NOTE: Teachers not able to meet either A or B criteria may contact the SHAR Violin Shop to discuss String Teacher qualifications - additional information may be requested.

Orchestra Director Requirements
- Employed by public or private school, institute, community music school, etc. directing a minimum of 12 string players weekly excluding Summer & Holidays.
NOTE: is intended for a Teacher’s personal purchases.  For purchases regarding your school string program please contact SHAR School Sales for Educator sales and service  at 866.742.7261 or visit

Full Time Professional Musician Requirements
- Active member of a full-time professional orchestra or ensemble.
Age Requirement
All teachers must be 18 years of age or older. Teachers under the age of 18 must provide written permission from a parent or legal guardian to be a part of this program.

Security & Privacy
The security of your information and your privacy is very important to us. Please click here to refer to our security and privacy policy.

- Program offers may not be combined with any other SHAR offer.
- Purchases made prior to account activation are not eligible for retro-active account credits or refunds.
- Teacher accounts are intended for individual teacher use only and are non-transferable for use by students, colleagues, etc.
- SHAR reserves the right to terminate an account and/or change or terminate any or all of the benefits associated with the program at any time without notice at SHAR's sole discretion.
- The program is currently open only to billing and shipping addresses within the United States and U.S. Territories.