Moxie Strings and SHAR Plug 'n Play
Enter to WIN a Plug 'n Play 4 AND 5 String Violin for your school! One entry per person. Contest Ends May 1, 2015
Plug 'n Play 4- and 5-string electric violin outfits
Plug 'n Play™ Concert Electric Violin Outfits
Strong and Mellow Acoustic Sound, Professional Grade

The Plug 'n Play™ electric violin just keeps getting better and better! We worked with a professional multi-genre violinist on what pros want: New geared pegs work much more reliably and smoothly than friction pegs under hot stage lights, eliminating the need for fine adjusters and making tuning a breeze. We also lowered the string action to allow for fast and soft fingering. We did this by improving the quality of the ebony fingerboard, bridge, and strings, performing the entire setup and tonal output adjustment at SHAR. Finally, we upgraded the electronics, for far more output. the new Plug 'n Play™ Concert violin sounds clean, mellow and complex, like and acoustic violin, but now that drummer has met his match on stage! Of course, you can also tone it down...way down, by plugging the included earbuds directly into your Plug 'n Play™ violin, so as not to bother your neighbors when practicing. In fact, transitionning from your acoustic to your Plug 'n Play™ couldn't be easier - because of its clever design, you can even use your favorite shoulder rest.
The Moxie Strings: "Finally, an electric instrument that meets my needs and is affordable! SHAR has done it again!" - Diana Ladio, Fiddler from the Moxie Strings
Electronic features include a 1/8" auxiliary input (for CD- or mini-disc player so that you can practice with your Play-a-Long method CDs), 1/8" headphone jack, professional 1/4" line out (to amplifier) and volume control. The built-in preamp features two different audio settings. Ebony chinrest and fingerboard.

Outfit includes Toshira case (TC100), Brazilwood bow (KVB), mini rosin, cable with 1/4" jack, earbuds and 9-volt battery. Choose from Ebony Black, Sangria Red, True Blue, or Titanium White. 4/4 Size.
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