The Shar Music Instrument Set Up Process
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Shar Instrument Set-Up Process
The set-up* is the most important facet of an instrument. How these steps are performed determine how well an instrument will play and sound. Instruments from Shar Products Company are unique because they are professionally shop-adjusted and test-played by our highly trained staff of musicians. This ensures that our customers receive the highest quality and best value instrument attainable form any source.

*The term "set-up" is used to describe the final steps involved in making an instrument. Playing on an instrument that has had proper set-up is critical to the success of the student.
Shar's comprehensive instrument set-up includes:
Hand-carving each bridge to fit the body of the instrument with no gaps for the best transmission of sound from strings to the instrument itself. We plane the bridge to proper thickness, then shape it, bringing a balanced tone while maintaining strength. Finally, the top is properly arched for ease of bowing and string crossings.
Planing and finishing each fingerboard to proper shape and "scoop," ensuring that strings can be pressed down with ease to produce a clean sound without rattles or buzzes.
Carefully positioning the sound post between the front and back of the instrument. To transmit optimal sound, the exact location of the sound post is critical. This alone ensures a full and focused sound, neither too thin and bright nor flaccid.
Properly shaping the nut allows ease of fingering and prevention of premature string breakage. The grooves of the nut are spaced to close tolerances for ease of playing chords and separate tones, allowing players to play in-tune.
Individually tapering pegs to turn freely enough for string installation and easy tuning, but snugly enough to hold when released.
Setting the distances from bridge to tailpiece (afterlength) and from nut to bridge (stoplength) to exact tolerances. They must work in harmony with strings that have been manufactured to vibrate at specific lengths for a clear and focused sound.
Final inspection and test-playing by a skilled string musician who can identify all the proper features of an expertly set-up instrument: a clear, focused tone, balanced sound, ease of playing, seamless string crossings, balanced dynamic response, and fast tonal response. The result is an affordable instrument whose sound qualities and playability are superior to what is normally offered through other sources, either locally or through mail order. In addition, satisfaction is guaranteed with every instrument purchased from Shar.