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SHAR Repair & Restoration Services

Our experienced staff is ready to serve you!
Providing repair & restoration service for instruments in all price ranges, from rare, vintage
instruments to student model violins, violas, cellos & basses.
Providing basic repairs and routine maintenance as well as extensive restorations on instruments and bows. We welcome you
to visit the SHAR Repair & Restoration Shop in Ann Arbor. You may also arrange to send your instrument or bow
to us for repair and restoration service. If you are ready to send in your repair, please download and
print our Customer Repair Request Form, fill it out, and include it with your instrument or bow.

Have questions about our repair services? We have answers!

Repair Shop FAQs

If you still would like to speak to someone about your repair needs, we will gladly answer your instrument questions, assess and schedule any necessary repairs, and perform tonal adjustments. Stop in or contact us for an appointment: 734.786.4411 or email
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Meet our Experienced Staff

Dr. J. Ryan Bodiford - Repair, Restoration, & Production Shop Supervisor
Dr. Bodiford has over 20 years' experience working in the field. From 2002 to 2006 he worked as an apprentice to master bass and bow maker Steve Reiley in Grand Rapids, MI, where he participated in the large-scale restoration of some the finest double bass instruments ever made. In 2009 he joined the Shar restoration team as an associate luthier, and in this position he has continued to refine his skills working closely with Master Luthier, Ashot Vartanian. Although specialized in cello and bass restoration, Ryan is highly skilled and capable of delivering expert-level set-up and restoration work for all instruments in the violin family. In addition to his work as luthier, Ryan earned a Masters in Musicology from Michigan State University in 2007 and a Doctorate in Ethnomusicology from the University of Michigan in 2017. He continues to balance responsibilities overseeing Shar's restoration and production shop operations with his work as an itinerant music history professor lecturing at top level universities throughout the region.

Ashot Vartanian

Paul Cheng - Instrument/Bow Repair & Restoration
Paul Cheng joined the SHAR staff in 2000. He specializes in tonal adjustments, varnish retouching and bow rehairs. He is a regular participant at the USA Oberlin Restoration Workshop in Oberlin, OH. In addition to working on crafting his own violins, he also plays violin and viola professionally and teaches a private studio of students in Ann Arbor, MI.

John Perrett - Bow Repair & Restoration
John Perrett first joined the Shar staff in 1988, working as a sales representative for the Fine Instrument and Bow Department, until 1994 when he joined the Restoration Shop and turned his attention to the art of bow repair and restoration. Currently serving as Shar Music's preeminent bow specialist, John is recognized by artists across the country, who place their trust in his ability to offer reliable and well-balanced bow rehairs that complement and respond to the unique characteristics of their bows. In addition, John's expertise extends to master-level bow restoration skills involving: tip face, winding, and thumb replacements; frog adjustments and repairs; French polishing; and other services.
Bill Belote - Instrument Repair & Restoration
Through years of close mentorship, Bill Belote has learned the Italian methods and traditions of violinmaking from award-winning Armenian-American master Ashot Vartanian. Under Vartanian's guidance, Belote has made a series of violins based on Stradivari and Guarneri with excellent tonal results.
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Veronica Cieri
Michael Bean
Workshop Hours
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Tuesday - Friday: 12pm - 6pm
Saturday: 12pm - 5pm
For inquiries on repairs please call 734.786.4411 or 800.438.4538 or email