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Please read the following terms and conditions and call us at 800.248.7427 with any questions. For simplicity, hereafter the buyer (you) will be referred to as "Customer", the SHAR Way Plan as "SHARWay", and instrument, bow, and case will be "Outfit".

Customer takes full ownership of Outfit at time of shipment and is responsible for standard maintenance.

Customer's credit card will be charged on the 1st or 15th of every month until Customer returns the SHARWay purchase, completes the SHARWay Term, or completes an early "Buy-Out". The initial payment will include postage and handling costs and will be charged the day the outfit ships. Customer is responsible for any required sales tax where applicable.

IMPORTANT: Customer is responsible for promptly notifying SHAR of any changes in their credit card information such as expiration date, billing address, etc.

The Client agrees to allow SHAR to charge his/her account on subsequent billing dates if payment is not received on the due date.

Late Fees
$5 reprocessing fee will be added to any missed monthly payment.

Returns and Exchanges
Customer may return Outfit in like new condition within the first 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price, excluding shipping and handling. Thereafter, Customer may return Outfit at any time and is not obligated to make future payments.

Returns received 3 business days before the scheduled SHARWay payment date will not be charged for the next month's payment. Customer is responsible for the full month's payment and payments will not be "pro-rated". SHAR reserves the right to charge Customer for repair or replacement of Outfit components returned with excessive wear and tear, up to but not exceeding the retail value of the Outfit components.

Upsizes & Exchanges Ship FREE!
Round trip shipping is included with an Upsize or Exchange (within 48 contiguous states). SHARWay Equity continues to accumulate as you change sizes or levels. Return shipping label will be included with exchange shipment. Upsize or Exchange Customers who do not receive a return shipping label may call our Customer Care line Monday-Friday 10a-6p EST at 800.248.7427 or email at [email protected].

Extended SHAR Way Warranty
SHAR agrees to repair or replace damaged Outfit components when breakage or damage is deemed by SHAR to have been caused by defects in workmanship or materials. Warranty does NOT cover accidental damage, theft, or string replacement. SHAR will not pay for any unauthorized repairs, unauthorized purchases, rentals or any other form of replacement including shipping and handling charges or any related costs of any Outfit component or part at any time.

SHARWay Equity
100% of all SHARWay payments accumulate as SHARWay Equity, which may be used towards 50% of the direct retail priced purchase (not a SHARWay Buy-Out) of any instrument of greater value within 60 days of last received payment. Unused SHARWay Equity is considered null and void. Payments must be current for SHARWay Equity to be valid. After the final payment, the Customer has 60 days to use accumulated SHARWay Equity. "Greater value" is defined as the next pricing level of our current instruments. (Example: Accumulated Equity from a Franz Hoffmann Prelude violin can go towards the purchase of a Franz Hoffmann Etude violin or higher).

Customers who exchange their original SHARWay Outfit for another Outfit retain their accumulated SHARWay Equity and continue to accumulate SHARWay Equity on their new SHARWay Outfit so long as the new SHARWay Outfit is purchased within 30 days of receipt of return of original SHARWay. SHARWay Equity is non-transferable and must be used towards the same type of instrument (violin, viola). SHARWay Equity may not be used toward non-instrumental purposes of any type, nor toward purchases of electric instruments, mandolins or ukuleles. SHARWay Equity cannot be combined (Example: Two different players cannot return their instruments and combine their accumulated SHARWay Equity to purchase one Outfit, even if both Outfits were paid for by the same Customer).

Buy-Out Option
A Buy-Out option is available to Customer as an early payoff of their SHARWay Outfit. A Buy-Out is calculated as 50% of the remaining payments after the completed Initial Period shown below. After a Buy-Out has been processed the monthly payments will be discontinued. SHARWay Equity may not be used toward the Buy-Out and all SHARWay Equity accumulated is considered null and void at the time of a Buy-Out. The Outfit purchased with a Buy-Out is eligible for SHAR's Trade-In Program. The future Trade-In value of the instrument will be equal to the same level instrument's retail value.

SHARWay Level Initial Period SHARWay Term
Standard (Violin/Viola/Cello) 6 months 30 months
Premium (Violin/Viola) 6 months 30 months
Premium (Cello) 6 months 36 months
Deluxe (Violin/Viola) 9 months 36 months
Performance (Violin) 12 months 36 months
Professional (Violin) 12 months 36 months