Shar Intermediate Violins
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Intermediate Violins at Shar
Intermediate violinists are generally proficient at reading music and are concentrating on the development of tone and technique. They require an instrument that can provide a broader range of tone colors and dynamics for learning musical expression, faster response for the introduction of off-string bowing techniques, and additional volume for ensemble playing.

Violins in this category (even of the same model) begin to exhibit individual characteristics and can be adjusted to the player's preferences. Shar's comprehensive set-up process is essential to the best possible tone and playability of these violins. The Shar Violin Shop can assist you in choosing the best model violin for your needs, and in selecting an example of this model that most closely reflects your own personal requirements.
The Shar Violin Shop
At the Shar Violin Shop, our Specialists, all string players, can help you in your search for a great playing instrument or bow.  With real-world playing and teaching experience, our specialists have the expertise to answer your detailed questions.

Not able to visit our shop in person?  That’s ok, we’ll walk you through our shop and discuss particular instruments and bows that match the playing criteria and tonal characteristics that you define to be most important.  Not sure how to talk about sound?  Don’t worry, we work with players of all levels – professional musicians, students, parents and studio teachers – and we’ll use terms that everyone can understand.

Based on our conversations, we’ll spend more time in our expansive showroom of instruments and bows and begin selecting examples especially for you.  We will play them, and listen to them with another colleague to get a good feel for their overall tone and projection under the ear and at a distance.  We know that each example is unique, even of the same model from a maker or workshop, and our large and extensive collection allows us to find the right one for your style of playing.

After your instruments and bows have been selected, we personally pack them for the safest delivery. And once you receive the trial shipment, we will stay in touch with you by phone and/or email, answering your questions and offering guidance as you make a decision.  If your first selection does not meet your needs for any reason, we will continue to help you in your search until we find your perfect match.

Give us a call at 866.742.7270 or start a live chat below to discuss your search with one of our specialists, all string players.

The Shar In Home Trial Program
Our Safe, Easy, and Risk-Free In Home Trial Program allows you to try up to 2 violins, 2 violas, or 1 cello, and 4 bows for a 7-10 day trial period, shipped anywhere in the U.S.
Safe – Our shipping containers are designed so that instruments and bows arrive to you safely, in playing condition.
Risk-Free – You are not responsible for anything that may happen in shipping.
Easy – We charge one low fee for roundtrip shipping – Take the guess work out of return shipping charges.  Our shipments include a prepaid return label for easy returns.  We charge $20 to select, process and ship bow trials, $40 for violin or viola trials and $80 for cellos.  (Shipping charges may be higher to Alaska and Hawaii).
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The Shar 30/365 Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied with everything we sell. If you are not completely satisfied with any instrument or outfit you purchase from Shar, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. Of course, if the instrument has been damaged, repair costs or depreciation may apply. We will repair or replace anything that proves defective in materials or workmanship in the first year.

The Shar Trade-In Policy
As you grow musically, you may find that a better quality instrument will allow even greater musical possibilities.  We offer you a generous trade-in credit of 50% of the original purchase price of Franz Hoffmann instruments and outfits and 100% of the original purchase price for Shar Violin Shop instruments (Carlo Lamberti, Otto Ernst Fischer, Karl Joseph Schneider, John Cheng workshop, Collector’s series and those from our Fine collection). Please click here for more information on the Shar Trade-In Policy.

The Shar Connection - A Global Network
Shar's purchasing agents are string players, and they travel the globe to work directly with our partner workshops. For over 45 years we have established longstanding relationships with the world's leading makers and workshops in America, Europe, and Asia.

From the wood selection to the acoustic models used, from the neck shapes to the various varnish properties, our purchasing agents work with our partners to ensure that every detail is crafted to our specifications. Our world-wide logistics network also guarantees that our instruments and bows arrive here in Ann Arbor in ideal, safe condition.

The Shar Set-Up - Where Millimeters Count
Shar's own Setup Shop, Restoration and Repair Department, staffed by experienced luthiers and technicians, ensures each instrument is in healthy, stable condition and adjusted for optimal tonal response. Shar adheres to stringent quality standards and we stand by the construction, setup and sound of all our instruments and bows.

Whether you're picking up a Shar instrument for the first time, or have been playing for years, it should sound beautiful to your ears and feel wonderful in your hands. Great tone and easy playability are the primary goals of the Shar Setup Shop.

Using centuries-old methods, traditional hand tools, and time-saving technology, our select group of technicians work to very precise measurements, usually within tolerances of a tenth of a millimeter.

String heights, neck shapes, soundpost and bridge curvatures are among the hundreds of things we address in the Shar Setup Shop for one simple reason: to make players happy.