VSO vs. Franz Hoffmann
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Starting Right:
Yes, it really does matter.

I urge parents to avoid the temptation to buy a low quality V.S.O. (Violin Shaped Object) off the Internet. Another pitfall for the unwary is renting from local band stores who typically have no good step-up options. Both are a consistant teacher complaint.

V.S.O.'s look like a violin, but many are, or become, virtually unplayable because of innumerable structural and set-up problems. Many well meaning parents bring their V.S.O.'s to violin shops and are disappointed to find out that the repairs needed to make their instruments playable far exceed the original price.

Renting from a Band company may seem like a good idea at first, but look carefully at the selection of step-up instruments and their prices to avoid disappointment in the future.
Haig Avsharian, SHAR President

SHAR has re-invented the traditional model of buying and selling violins. We work directly with manufacturers, and have our own Beijing workshop and two Ann Arbor workshops to ensure you get the value you expect. SHAR's Hoffmann instruments are affordable for any budget, and for those looking to rent we offer the SHAR Way.

Stepping Up:
Where you start matters too.

Parents often complain to me they feel locked into buying a step-up instrument from a local band company because of accumulated rental credit. Some students don't continue playing, but for those who do and need to purchase a step-up instrument, local band companies simply do not have the selection or value that SHAR can offer. SHAR's direct method of acquiring the best instruments and rigorous quality control assure our customers that when you buy an instrument from SHAR, you are getting a great value. The Carlo Lamberti Sonata violin for $500, for example, is as good a violin as you might find for twice the price or more elsewhere.

Have you tried a SHAR instrument lately?

The next time you have a student looking for an instrument, I ask that you try one from SHAR. If you aren't completely satisfied, send it back to me personally. For 50 years SHAR has been known as the source for strings and accessories, but many teachers have told me that they haven't tried a SHAR instrument lately and don't realize the quality and value of instruments we offer. I'm pleased to say though that many teachers use and recommend SHAR instruments, which is why we are now selling twice as many instruments as we did only a few years ago!

Very best wishes for a great Fall season from everyone here at SHAR.

All for now,
Haig Avsharian
SHAR President
[email protected]

NOTE: Locked into rental credit? If you (or a student) feel locked into buying a step-up instrument from a band company because of accumulated rental credit, call our Violin Shop staff at 866.742.7270 or [email protected] and we'll do our best to offer a higher quality alternative.

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