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Franz Hoffmann vs VSO

Let's Face It,
you can easily find a beginner violin on the web

Ecommerce and open borders have expanded choices and pushed down prices. But the old adage, "let the buyer beware" has become more important than ever. Stringed instruments from China now account for 93% of the market. It seems everyone sells an "Etude" or a "Maestro" violin. Some are even available for as low as $30! And while those prices can be tempting, what are you really getting for your money?

How can you keep it straight and get the best instruments?
No V.S.O.'s!
On behalf of teachers, violin shops, and beginning players across the country, we encourage parents to avoid the temptations to buy cheap internet-auction violin outfits, commonly known as V.S.O. - Violin Shaped Objects. These instruments look like violins, but very high percentages are virtually unplayable due to innumerable structural and set-up problems. Many well-meaning parents bring their V.S.O.'s to violin shops and are disappointed to find out that the repairs needed to make their instrument playable far exceed both the price they paid for the instrument and the price of a properly made and set up instrument without any of the problems of a V.S.O.
The Answer is Simple: Insist on a Franz Hoffmann instrument.
Franz Hoffmann Instruments
SHAR has re-invented the traditional model of buying and selling violins. We work directly with manufacturers, and have our own Beijing workshop and two Ann Arbor workshops to ensure you get the value you expect. SHAR's Hoffmann instruments are affordable for any budget and professionally set-up to our highly trained staff's specifications.
Franz Hoffmann Amadeus Instruments:
There's no need to settle for a poorly made, hard-to-play "VSO", "violin shaped object", when you can get Franz Hoffmann quality at such a great price.
The Amadeus is made of quality maple, spruce and ebony, the hand feel is smooth. The sound is enhanced with steel core strings and a carbon fiber tailpiece with four fine tuners. Hand carved bridge, nut, soundpost, and pegs. These easy turning pegs stay in tune and hold the pitch!
Franz Hoffmann Prelude Instruments:
Need a violin with a bit more power and a warmer sound? The Prelude's enhanced arching gives you just that. As with all of our instruments the bridge, nut, soundpost, and pegs are hand carved. Players will likely find this violin darker in sound than the Amadeus.
Franz Hoffmann Danube Instruments:
Our New, European-made "step-up" Hoffmann, for beginning and intermediate players. Made in Romania, exemplifying the well-earned reputation of European workmanship. Hand finished and expertly set-up. Players will likely find this violin to have more color and a warmer, more resonant tone than the Amadeus or Prelude.
Franz Hoffmann Concert Instruments:
The Concert instruments give a player a powerful soaring rich even sound. The overtones are the most complex with this student instrument. You will be amazed with the consistent quality, playability and visual appeal that this instrument will bring to your classroom. Players will likely find this violin more mature and rich sounding than the Amadeus, Prelude or Etude instrument.
Franz Hoffmann Vienna Instruments:
The Vienna is our more advanced European-made Franz Hoffmann instrument. Made in Romania, heir to the traditions of German violin making, this violin possesses the hallmarks of time tested European craftsmanship. Its warmth and resonance will enable the serious student to easily progress to the next level.
Franz Hoffmann Maestro Instruments:
Great musicianship requires passion and commitment. This is why the Maestro is a favorite among Suzuki teachers as well as private teachers. This violin is perfect for a student looking for a more mature sound. Players will likely find this violin sweeter in sound than the Concert or Etude.
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