Carlo Lamberti Sonata: The BEST $500 Violin Guaranteed.
Carlo Lamberti Sonata - The BEST $500 Violin. Guaranteed.
No, paying more doesn't always mean getting more.

How much is an instrument really worth?
Who is a reputable dealer?

Looking for a step up instrument can be a confusing process, even for teachers with years of experience. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the violin world has seen dramatic changes in the last 10 years. At SHAR, you can shop with confidence knowing you will receive a great value with any instrument purchase.

SHAR has world-class, high quality step-up instruments.
Yes, really.

SHAR has benn known as the leading source for stringed instrument supplies and excellent customer service for decades. But did you know that SHAR has become a leading source for high quality instruments as well? In fact, since 2005 the SHAR Violin Shop has more than doubled sales of instruments priced from $500 to $20,000. SHAR has six senior instrument technicians working on intermediate and advanced instruments. SHAR's Master Technician, Ashot Vartanian, was recently selected to perform restoration work on violins from the Henry Ford Museum. Yes, SHAR really does have world-class, high quality step-up instruments.

The proof is in the playing.

If you have a student searching for a new instrument up to $20,000, I ask you to try an instrument from SHAR. The SHAR Violin Shop offers free trials to teachers because we know how important you are in the selection process. If you and your student aren't completely satisfied with one of our instruments, send it back at our cost. As a company run by string players, we understand - the proof is in the playing. Thank you for trusting SHAR with your stringed instrument needs.

NOTE: Locked into rental credit? If you (or a student) feel locked into buying a step-up instrument from a band company because of accumulated rental credit, call our Violin Shop staff at 866.742.7270 or [email protected] and we'll do our best to offer a higher quality alternative.
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