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ASTA & Suzuki

SHAR continues to be a major supporter of both The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) and The American String Teachers Association (ASTA) with NSOA, providing sponsorship of the SAA biannual conferences and the ASTA annual conventions, as well as support of numerous state and local groups of both organizations.

American String Teachers Association (ASTA)


ASTA is a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the future of string teaching and playing in the United States; by increasing the amount of string teachers. Fortifying this commitment to the string community, ASTA has introduced many programs, services and foundations throughout the years. Among these outlets include the National String Project Consortium; assisting universities in enhancing the training of string music education majors. Therefore producing qualified string teachers for private and especially public schools.

ASTA has also developed programs for professional development and instrument and bow outreach for schools, studios and students in need. More recently, ASTA developed The National Foundation to Promote String Teaching and Playing. This segment executes grants, awards, and competitions enriching the quality of string education. In addition to advancing string education and performance throughout America, it fosters a variety of projects around the world. ASTA keeps thousands of string educators connected through The American String Teacher, a quarterly journal that keeps ASTA members informed on the latest news on teaching, products and the string community as a whole. For more information about ASTA please visit

Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA)

SAA is based in Boulder, CO is a non-profit organization with a great mission and dedication to making music education accessible to all children. Comprised of teachers, parents, and educators the SAA provides programs and services to numerous members throughout North and South America. With the International Suzuki Association (ISA) and other regional associations, the SAA promotes and supports the spread of Dr. Suzuki's Talent Education via teacher development programs, scholarship programs, American Suzuki Journal, registry program courses, teacher location services, conferences/ retreats, summer student workshops, organizational support resource materials and insurance. For more information please visit their web site at

Shinichi Suzuki, the man who developed the Suzuki Method and inspired the Suzuki Association, was born on October 17, 1898, in Nagoya, Japan. He believed that all children have the talent to learn the art of string playing if they are taught well by loving parents and teachers. He also believed that hearing and playing great music helped children become good people with beautiful and peaceful hearts. Dr. Suzuki hoped that these children would help bring peace and understanding to the world. Shinichi Suzuki died on January 26, 1998, at his home in Matsumoto, Japan; living to be 99 years old!

Donations & Community Involvement
SHAR Music is proud of its role in the string community. As a string instrument leader, giving back to the community is possible because of your patronage. Thank you for your support and for helping us serve the string community since 1962. If your organization would like to apply for a donation, please send an email explaining the purpose of the request, your organization's name, address, and deadline information. You may also send requests to:

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Be sure to include deadlines and any other information required for successful completion of your donation. Practical realities prevent us from funding all requests for donations, however, your request will be considered. For best results please allow 4-6 weeks notice for deadlines when possible.