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PSR Plus Shoulder Rest for Violin and Viola

Item # : PSP44


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New and Improved extra-comfortable foam material!

Fits 1/2 - 4/4 Violins, and 12" and larger violas! The "PSR Original" Violin Shoulder Rest or Viola Shoulder Rest are made of Resilient Contoured Ergonomically Designed Foam with great memory to fit into any size case. Thicker side of foam will snuggle over the collarbone providing more height for the front of the instrument. The flat side that goes across the shoulder is perfect for those with shorter neck space. Choose the location and angle of placement for your preferred comfort. Our patented design curve assists proper placement for your Shoulder Rest.

Includes one Clear Elastic Band with purchase.


PSR Plus Shoulder Rest for Violin and Viola

Ratings & Reviews

1/4/2022 3:01:00 pm

Music Teacher and Director of the South of the River Youth Orchestra Program in the Twin Cities MN

This is the best-designed sponge shoulder rest that I have ever found. I teach violin, viola, and cello and direct a youth orchestra. I order this for our beginning strings class and we throw away all the other "sponges" that "don't work" and drive me crazy with students struggling to hold their violins/violas in the proper position. I have even used it with middle school and high school students with remarkable results. Many thanks to whoever invited this "life-saving"!!! (my life!!!) shoulder rest! It is lightweight, affordable, and fits in all kinds of cases.

12/29/2020 10:13:00 pm

photo is not the same as product

Fortunately the photo is different from the product I received. Their is only the larger bump on one side and not at both ends of the pad.

7/16/2016 12:38:00 am


My son loves his shoulder rest. It is very comfortable and he can practice for long times using the same.

1/16/2010 2:48:00 am

PSR Plus for use with viola

I find this shoulder rest a better fit than the orginal PSR I had been using because there is a little extra height on the shoulder side of the rest so that it hugs the shoulder a bit. I think there has been a recent redesign with the addition of a "magic strip" to the side that touches the instrument so that you don't need to secure the rest with an elastic band. This is horrible. I didn't want to use it because you can tell me all you want that it's safe for the varnish but I'm not a believer. I tried using a small chamois underneath the rest but the shoulder rest would shift out of position. So I finally relented and stuck that thing to the back of my viola. It's really sticky! And after just using it a few times that "magic strip" started to peel away from the back of the sponge. So I peeled that strip off and cleaned up any leftover stickiness and hooray! A comfortable shoulder rest that works just fine secured with an elastic band.