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NuFlex LED Stand Light - by Mighty Bright

Item # : NF478BLK


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: Black

A modern and efficient stand light!

No longer do you need to rely on old stand lights that run out of batteries too fast, aren't bright enough, heat up during use, or that are made of old materials and electrical components that don't stand the test of time. Now you can have a modern LED stand light for any situation that fits easily in your case, and doesn't break the bank. The NuFlex is easy to position so that in lights up your full stand of music with three bright LED's. A simple touch power switch also allows for dimming, so you can extend your battery life to 16 hours at 35 lumens! The large clip makes it easy to clip onto any music stand or binder - thick or thin. A USB power option allows you to use your standard micro USB cable (not included) or phone charger as a power option if you run out of or forget your batteries. Runs on 3 AAA batteries (included). And, it's available in black or colors!


NuFlex LED Stand Light - by Mighty Bright

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4/21/2011 9:50:00 pm

Mighty Bright- Mighty short battery life

I have the pink one. Although it works great, it somehow drains batteries shockingly fast for LEDs. I get two to three weeks out of a set of batteries- and I am practicing 30-40 minutes 5 days a week max. My practice space does not have great lighting. Thinking I must have been doing something wrong, like leaving it on, I have been very careful to turn it off, to no avail. Either I need to remember to charge it, or I need to buy a set of rechargeable batteries if I want to use this product as part of my regular practice.