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Beautiful rich colors, a striking profile and clean lines at an unbeatable price! Features include fiberglass shell, dual side handles, a unique swivel pull handle which attaches to either the front or back of the case, seven high-quality latches, integrated in-line skate wheel system, stylish velvet interior with suspension, accessory pocket and two bow holders. D-rings are located so they will work with most aftermarket backpack carrying cushions, such as the Shar Backpack System.

Safety first:

  • The premium neck restraint strap is designed with an adjustable clip system, which will stand the test of time, not wear out like Velcro or other hook and loop systems.
  • The premium scroll restraint is made of strong strapping material, with an adjuster, to custom-fit your cello, and provide just the right level of security: as a backup to the neck strap, NOT an elastic band that can add unsafe stress to your cello's neck.
  • The bow holders use magnets, which will not wear out like Velcro or other hook and loop systems.

Choice of deep black shell with red interior, or silver gray shell with dark blue interior. Weighs 14 lbs. 

Note: No longer includes cushion for cello neck.


Mobile Cello Case

Ratings & Reviews

1/7/2022 6:29:00 am

Very good value and good protection, but heavy.

For $300, the case is a very good value. I got the "next generation" which no longer has the neck pillow, but does have a handle on the front above the scroll. You do have to wiggle the lid to get it to close nicely, but I've seen this on almost all hard cases. Once closed and latched, the case is solid as a rock and does a good job protecting the cello. It rolls quite smoothly and is easy to carry on your back. The down side for me was the weight. I ended up returning this case and getting Shar's SL Super Light case. (I do agree with other reviewers that (1) the case does have a smell when it arrives and (2) I would have preferred something softer for the scroll loop and neck lock.) If you aren't concerned about weight and want a good value, this is the case for you.

1/7/2022 6:29:00 am

Response to Save For A Better Case Review

This case was a gift for me and I've really liked it. I did notice once I didn't get the bow snapped in well enough and the frog did scrape my cello a little. To solve this issue, I put thick newborn baby socks over the frog and I haven't had any problems since. I just make sure the bow is securely snapped in and the frog is covered with the baby sock.

4/12/2014 4:19:00 am

Great case for the money

I bought 2 of these cases for my students. They are sufficiently strong and are fine for taking to performances where protection is needed. The case is a little heavy for smaller people but the wheels work well. I did have a problem with the first one that was delivered being slightly out of shape which affected the latches. They were very helpful with the return and I was very pleased with the way it was handled. I am planning on purchasing this case again.

11/18/2012 4:54:00 pm

Nice case for the money

I purchased this case a few weeks ago and it is suitable for my needs. It arrived very well-packaged (it took me about 20 minutes to get it out of the boxes!). Overall, it is a little less sturdy than I was hoping for but about what I expected for the price. The latches and wheels work smoothly, my cello fits in it perfectly, and the case will protect the cello while it is sitting at home which is mostly what I wanted it for, and it should be fine for taking to lessons. I picked the gray color and it was much lighter in color than I was expecting; if I had to do it again, I'd get the black. But not worth sending it back for.

2/28/2010 7:35:00 am

Save for a better case

I have owned this case for approximately a year so this review is not a simple "it's great out of the box/after a week" review. I wish I would have been able to save for a better case but I needed a hard case immediately after having purchased a step-up cello. I do not come from affluence so I didn't have a lot left over after purchasing the cello and bow at the time. Lesson learned. Things to note: Because of the metal buttons on the flaps that hold the bows in, I have scratches on the front of my cello. This will be a costly repair and while that seems simply a cosmetic issue, if you know about revarnishing, you'll know that may affect the sound of my instrument in ways I will not be able to control for and runs the possibility of it not sounding like/as good as when I purchased it. The magnets they use are weak and come undone in the case easily during normal transport which both scratch the cello and allow for the bows to come loose in the case and scratch the cello as well. I more than once had to very carefully remove a bow that became entangled with my bridge after it came out of the holder. Not good. The strap that holds the neck came loose early on and the plastic clip fell off altogether after about a month. Be very cautious when opening your case and never do it upright because you can not rely on the strap. The back handle you use to pull the case using the wheels cracked completely off. I'm not entirely sure why as there was no incident that occurred that would cause it to crack off. It started with one side and then, because of the pressure on the other, the piece came completely off. One of the straps came unsewn at the bottom and thus became useless. Before that the straps would slide out of position easily so I was constantly readjusting them. I purchased the Shar backpack with straps and that solved that problem rather well and is a product I highly recommend for saving your back and shoulders. The straps on that item stay in place after adjusting and are well padded and comfortable. This is also a very heavy case and for a 5' woman, this gets to be cumbersome. The weight may be an issue for younger students. The case does not latch easily. You have to make sure to align the top and bottom well and while you'd think that would merely involve closing the case, you often have to bend the plastic edges to fit into the grooves so that the latches will latch, much less align. If you're looking for a case that you can easily close, latch, and go, this is not one I would recommend. Some days it's easier and some days it seems being a magician would be handy so I could get the lid to align with the rest of the body so I can latch it. I sometimes need assistance. I am not a simpleton so this isn't a matter of user error. Please note that this case has not been dropped or suffered any damage or shock outside of normal use transporting the instrument to and from school, performances, and rehearsals in a vehicle. This is after normal use. Save for a Bam if you can. Peers who own them seem to be very happy. In this case it does seem that you quickly learn that you do get what you pay for. What I initially saved in cost was negated with the need to purchase the backpack system and will be far more costly than a mid-level Bam after I get my cello repaired after the scratches to the front. People have suggested fixes but one shouldn't have to make several modifications to an item merely to prevent damage or to ensure that the case functions in the most basic way a case should. Avoid.

2/18/2010 10:07:00 pm


This is an amzing cello case. I've had it for a few couple of months and my cello is amazingly protected. I love it!