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Millant Deroux Rosin for Violin, Viola, or Cello

Item # : 1340
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Millant Deroux Rosin Violin Viola and Cello

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8/17/2019 10:18:00 pm

Great Stuff!

I just recently bought this rosin and absolutely love it!!!!!!! I find that it is just sticky enough but not overly sticky. i'm a cellist and most cello rosins seem to be super sticky, but not this stuff! definitely a keeper!!!

10/29/2018 8:06:00 pm

great rosin!

Millant-Deroux rosin is by far the best rosin I have ever used and it has been my preferred rosin for many years now. I use it for both the violin and viola. It is low residue and you need very little to produce results. This rosin produces a warm and clear sound. I love this rosin and I recommend it to everyone! I just want to mention that is is best not to mix this rosin with others - be exclusive and use no other rosin on your bow with this rosin.

9/11/2017 4:22:00 am

Good product

Grip my viola strings well! Really good quality and cheap.

8/30/2017 12:44:00 pm

Great rosin

This is terrific rosin. The bows catches the string nicely, without it being too gooey. Ive had this rosin for about a year now, and it works well at both high and low low temperatures and in both humid and dry conditions.

8/5/2016 6:54:00 pm


Got this on Thursday and received on Monday, and a day earlier too! After I putting the rosin on, I can definitely notice a difference in my viola's tone. It's a lot warmer, and I really like that.

3/18/2016 6:53:00 am

Good general use rosin

I bought this rosin because it has a cat on the box. It is as good as any other rosin I've tried.

3/7/2014 2:31:00 pm


I went through that nobel quest for great rosin and spent a few bucks with SHAR (love their customer service!). Living in the arid climate of Wyoming the light rosins were not cutting it (little & inconsistant grip) and so I sought solace in the dark(er) rosins. The cake of Milant I bought 2 years ago is still as it was when I bought it, impressive! Consistant grip, consistantly draws a good sound with few reapplications! And great price!

9/9/2010 2:18:00 pm

bow grip improved

Bought this thinking to improve the gripping of a new bow. It does the job.

9/20/2009 8:27:00 am


I had been using the same rosin that I had used since I started violin a year and a half ago. Recently, I had been really frustrated with my playing. I bought this rosin and it has significantly improved my playing. It has very good grip and the sound is deep and smooth.