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Mark! Set! Go! Fingerboard Tapes for 12 Violins

Item # : MSG12


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Mark! Set! Go! finger tapes are easy to apply, hold up under constant playing, and are a cost effective way to introduce students to proper finger placement. This bonus set comes a sheet of each of the gold and silver tapes, as well as the black felt stickers for thumb placement.


Mark! Set! Go! Fingerboard Tapes for 12 Violins

Ratings & Reviews

1/4/2022 3:02:00 pm

SO Helpful and Easy to Use!

I love these tapes! I use them all the time with my students. It is so much easier than cutting my own, and my students absolutely love choosing their pattern with the two different colors. The thumb pads are also really helpful because they can feel them.

9/17/2015 7:24:00 am

do not stay glued

I thought it was a great idea, and a cheap price, too. But they do not stay put. The ends that are under the fingerboard always "unglue" and move, and become a real nuisance for the child and the teacher. Great idea, but bad glue.

11/20/2014 4:27:00 pm

Don't stick

The tapes do not stick. It's nice that they are pre-cut, but my students keep complaining that they are falling off. The little felt pads are great though! I wouldn't purchase this again even at the low price.

6/23/2012 4:01:00 am

Mark! Set! Go! Tapes

I start about a 120 newbies each year, in addition to having to retape oldbies with new instruments, and these have been lifesavers...No more worrying about what the little dears are getting into while I snip ugly tape into sections. My only beef is that-in the beginning they were incredibly, wonderfully sticky. The past two years though, I believe the glue formula has changed because the ends start curling immediately, and we either raggedly pull off the non-sticky edges, or augment the glue with Scotch tape. Please go back and they'll be back to 5 stars. Right now I spend double the amount that I should replacing them. Gold fades into a dull silver. I tell the kids that that's how I can tell if they've been practicing.... 5 stars for convenience....3 stars for quality.