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Mach One Violin Shoulder Rest Maple 3/4-4/4

Item # : 1370M44


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Mach One Violin Shoulder Rest

This high shoulder rest features an ergonomic design that fits naturally on your shoulder, and we have found its simple, sculpture-like shape to be very comfortable. The attaching feet are molded out of a single piece of nylon that won't mark or scratch your instrument. And because the foot of the rest is molded plastic, you can avoid the problems of rubber feet that wear out and need replacing or that scuff the varnish on your instrument!


Mach One Violin Shoulder Rest Maple 3/4-4/4

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10/21/2022 3:32 pm

Cheap quality and dampens sound of violin

You may as well buy a $20 plastic rest over this one- it has legs that screw directly into bare wood holes (nothing to prevent immediate wear and tear) and the feet are angled down so it is in full contact with the back of my violins and made it sound so dull. I only tried this because the rest I had been using is more or less discontinued and mine is worn out (Comford Shoulder Cradle). Seriously this Mach One is no better than the crap rental companies give first year kids. Yuck.