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Lion Model 1800 Carbon Fiber Violin Case

Item # : LCF1800
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Lion Model 1800 Carbon Fiber Violin Case

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4/6/2016 9:06:00 pm

Disappointed in this case.

After reading the previous reviews, I placed an order for this case. As soon as I opened the box, I was shocked at how different the color was, from what is shown on the website. I even checked the invoice to make sure it was the color I ordered. (I ordered ìOde to Blue.) Itís almost what Iíd call powder blue, instead of the darker color that is pictured. Also I have had this case only about a week and it has several dings in it already. I am being careful with it, but it seems the slightest bump knocks the blue color off and leaves a little white spot. After reading how durable this case is supposed to be, I was expecting better than this. I do think it is good protection for the violin, it can hold 4 bows and your shoulder rest, and itís very light weight and comes with very comfortable back pack straps, all of which are good. I would not recommend ordering this case though, especially for the price.

10/5/2014 7:20:00 am

Just the thing to fight off muggers and deflect bullets

This is the most rugged case Iíve ever seen bar none. Itís also extremely light. There is a place to store a shoulder rest and a little pouch for rosin and maybe a contact tuner. There is an external snap on music holder that I heed my spare strings and a couple of (so called) penny whistles in. I keep my music on an iPad which goes in my backpack. The four bow spinners are the best Iíve ever seen. Alas, thereís one feature missing. Iím thinking of installing LED lights that go on when I open the case. Not kidding!

9/24/2014 12:28:00 am

This is an impressive case

The nicest case Iíve ever had my hands on. I bought it for an instrument Iím having made and I stuck a similar fiddle in the case to try the fit. Itís perfect. The bow spinners are way better than on any case I own. I have several other cases, all inexpensive though adequate. Put simply this case inspires confidence. Funny to realize it costs more than many violins but only costs about ten percent the price of my violin. Iím satisfied that I made the right choice.

8/29/2012 7:49:00 am

Great case

I bought this case right after Thanksgiving last year. The Valkyrie is a sharp looking color, perfect to protect the instrument when you donít want to draw unnecessary attention. The interior has plenty space. Everything appeared to be exactly what the website pictures displayed. I needed a case with four bow holders and looked into this one because itís a lot lighter compared to many of the other choices. I also own a Bam case and noticed that the case is easily scratched without some kind of protector. This Lion case after a couple months of use does not seem to have this problem. I was very pleased with the purchase. Itís on the expensive side, but the quality speaks for itself. Note: get it when itís on sale. :) I was skeptical about this purchase at first due to 0 reviews on the website (whether good or bad) but was happy that the case turned out to be an excellent choice for my needs. So here is a review for those who are interested in purchasing.