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Leatherwood Baroque Viola (Viola d'Amore or Tenor Viol) Rosin

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If You Use Gut Strings . . .

Players that perform early music on instruments set up in the baroque style use gut strings. In fact, there are still many traditional players that prefer gut strings because of their warmth, complexity, layers of tonal colors, and soft hand feel. It takes practice playing on them because of their slower response and tendency to "choke" on the bow stroke because of their lower tension. The key is to "let" the strings play – release the bow stroke quickly after the attack, to allow the string to vibrate as freely as possible.

Modern rosins designed for synthetic and steel strings do not help matters, and too often squelch gut strings because of their lower tension. The result can be a crunchy, sometimes squeaky sound and sticky feel, masking the unique qualities that gut strings possess.

Leatherwood Baroque formula rosins solve the problem for baroque and gut string players! Producing a clean and gentle attack, followed by smooth traction in the bow stroke, gut strings will vibrate freely, rewarding the player handsomely with their unique qualities. The result is the brilliant, clean sound that baroque players seek, as well as a faster, easier response, which will be especially appreciated for intricate passages and ornamentation.

Three formulations of Leatherwood Baroque Rosin have been created, for every player:
LBRTV: for Baroque Violin/Treble Viol
LBRVAM: for Baroque Viola/Tenor Viol/Viola d'amore
LBRBV: for Baroque Cello/Bass Viol

Note: the type and appearance of wood used in the block may vary from the picture represented on this page.


Leatherwood Baroque Viola (Viola d'Amore or Tenor Viol) Rosin

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